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Buy KE(E)-6,5-1,4MT (MT-O) boiler (TEPLOTERM)
KE(E)-6,5-1,4MT (MT-O) boiler (TEPLOTERM)

KE(E)-6,5-1,4MT (MT-O) boiler (TEPLOTERM)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТеплотерм
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Boiler typeSteam
  • Weight9598 kg
  • Coefficient of performance (COP)82,3 %

KE(E)-6,5-1,4MT (MT-O) boiler (TEPLOTERM)

Boilers with natural circulation of KE with a productivity from 2,5 to 25 t/h with layered mechanical fire chambers are intended for production of the saturated or superheated steam used for technological needs of the industrial enterprises in systems of heating, ventilation and hot water supply.

Technical characteristics of coppers of the KE series

Copper type Steam generating capacity, etc. Fuel Working pressure, MPa Temperature is couple, ° C EFFICIENCY, % Overall dimensions, D*Sh*V, mm Weight, kg
The boiler of KE-2,5-14C (WITH) 2,5  Stone, brown coal 1,3 194 80,8 5660*4640*5050 8150 (12564)
Boiler of KE-2,5-14-O 2,5 Wood waste 1,3 194 77 6890*3890*5055 8961
The boiler of KE-4,0-14C (WITH) 4,0  Stone, brown coal 1,3 194 80,8 6900*4640-5190 9870 (14570)
Boiler of KE-4,0-14-O 4,0 Wood waste 1,3 194 78 7445*3890*5055 10444
The boiler of KE-6,5-14C (WITH) 6,5  Stone, brown coal 1,3 194 80,8 7940*4640*5190 12345 (15752)
Boiler of KE-6,5-14-225C(CO) 6,5  Stone, brown coal 1,3 225 80,8 7940*4780*5190 13320 (16750)
Boiler of KE-6,5-1,4MT (MT-O) 6,5 Wood waste with illumination gas/fuel oil 1,3 194 82,3 6000*2760*3980

9598 (14520)

The boiler of KE-10-14C (WITH) 10  Stone, brown coal 1,3 194 82,8 8710*5235*5280 14670 (18853)
Boiler of KE-10-14-225C(CO) 10 Stone, brown coal  1,3 225 82,8 8710*4780*5335 15080 (19518)
Boiler of KE-10-1,4MT (MT-O) 10 Wood waste with illumination gas/fuel oil 1,3 194 82,6 6800*3220*3980 11882 (19590)
Boiler of KE-25-14C 25 Stone, brown coal  1,3 194 85,6 12640*5628*7660 36115
Boiler of KE-25-14-225C 25 Stone, brown coal  1,3 225 85,4 12640*5628*7660 35954

About - designation of a copper with a covering and isolation;
* - in brackets characteristics of a copper in a covering and with isolation are specified;


Complete set of coppers of the KE series service equipment

Copper type Economizer steel (pig-iron) / airheater Fan Smoke exhauster Cyclone
The boiler of KE-2,5-14C (WITH) BVES-I-2(EB-2-94I) VDN-8-1500 DN-9-1500-15kvt CENTRAL BANK-16
Boiler of KE-2,5-14-O  VP-O-140 VDN-8-1500   DN-9-1500-15kvt  CENTRAL BANK-16
The boiler of KE-4,0-14C (WITH) BVES-II-2(EB-2-142I)  VDN-9-1000-11kvt  DN-9-1500-15kvt CENTRAL BANK-25
Boiler of KE-4,0-14-O  VP-O-233   VDN-9-1000-11kvt  DN-9-1500-15kvt  CENTRAL BANK-25
The boiler of KE-6,5-14C (WITH)  BVES-III-2(EB-2-236I)  VDN-9-1000-11kvt   DN-9-1500-15kvt CENTRAL BANK-25
Boiler of KE-6,5-14-225C(CO)  BVES-III-2(EB-2-236I)  VDN-9-1000-11kvt   DN-9-1500-15kvt  CENTRAL BANK-25
Boiler of KE-6,5-1,4MT (MT-O)  VP-O-300  VDN-8-1500  DN-9-1500-15kvt CENTRAL BANK-42
The boiler of KE-10-14C (WITH)   BVES-IV-1(EB-1-330I) VDN-10-1000-11kvt  DN-10-1500-30kvt CENTRAL BANK-49
Boiler of KE-10-14-225C(CO)   BVES-IV-1(EB-1-330I)  VDN-10-1000-11kvt  DN-10-1500-30kvt CENTRAL BANK-49 
Boiler of KE-10-1,4MT (MT-O)  VP-O-444 VDN-9-1500-18,5  DN-12,5-1000-30kvt CENTRAL BANK-49
Boiler of KE-25-14C   BVES-V-1(EB-1-646I)/VP-O-228  VDN-12,5-1000-30kvt  DN-17-1000  Central Bank-42-2sht.
Boiler of KE-25-14-225C BVES-V-1(EB-1-646I)/VP-O-228   VDN-12,5-1000-30kvt  DN-17-1000  Central Bank-42-2sht.


Design of coppers of KE

     The furnace camera of coppers of KE with a steam generating capacity from 2,5 to 10t.p./hour is divided by a brick wall into a fire chamber depth the 1605-2105th and the dogoraniye camera depth the 360-745th which allows to increase efficiency of a copper decrease in a mechanical nedozhog. The furnace camera of a copper of KE steam generating capacity 25t.p./hour is formed by side screens, front and back walls.
     In coppers of KE the scheme of one-stage evaporation is applied. Water circulates as follows: feedwater from the economizer is pumped in the top drum under water level on the punched pipe. In the lower drum water merges on the back warmed pipes of a kipyatilny bunch. A forward part of a bunch (from the front of a copper) is lifting. From the lower drum water on perepuskny pipes comes to cameras of the left and right screens. Power supply of screens is carried out also from the top drum on the lowering struts located at the front a copper.
     Blocks of coppers like KE with a productivity from 2,5 to 10,0 other lean cameras of side screens on longitudinal channels. Cameras are welded on channels on all to length. In the field of a convective bunch the block of a copper leans on back and forward cross beams. The forward beam to fasten not movably, back - is mobile. The banding framework of coppers of the KE series is established on the corners welded along cameras of side screens on all length.
     Platforms of coppers like KE are located in the places necessary for service of fittings of coppers. Main platforms of coppers: the side platform for service of water-indicating devices; the side platform for service of safety valves and shutoff valves on a copper drum; the platform on a back wall of a copper for service of the blowing-off line from the top drum and for access to the top drum at repair of a copper. On side platforms conduct ladders, on the back platform - descent (a short ladder) with the top side platform.
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KE(E)-6,5-1,4MT (MT-O) boiler (TEPLOTERM)
KE(E)-6,5-1,4MT (MT-O) boiler (TEPLOTERM)
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