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Technical characteristics
  • BrandДэнас МС
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Expiration date3 of the year
  • ДЭНАС МСКарловарская соль

Karlovy Vary salt - natural salt for preparation of mineral water

Karlovy Vary salt - the unique, environmentally friendly product containing all operating natural components just in the same quantity as thermal water of Karlovy Vary curative sources. Karlovy Vary mineral salt is made on the well-known sources in the Czech Republic.

Dissolve Karlovy Vary salt with water - and receive the well-known medical and table mineral water.

Karlovy Vary salt: application

Karlovy Vary salt is used at digestive tract diseases (stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, chronic pancreatitis, dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, chronic diseases of a liver, a syndrome of the angry intestines, a chronic lock).
- metabolism diseases (diabetes, obesity, treatment and prevention urolithic and cholelithiasis).
- diseases of the musculoskeletal device (arthritises and arthroses of joints of extremities and backbone, degenerate and dystrophic diseases of a backbone).
- some gynecologic diseases.
- in cosmetology (improvement of quality of skin, elimination of obesity and the prevention of presenilation).
- for elimination of dysbacteriosis, reduction of formation of gases and an abdominal distension.
- for normalization of a water and electrolytic exchange at dehydration, acidosis and a syndrome of a hangover.
- at treatment of diseases of gums.
- at treatment of sharp and chronic diseases of lungs for fluidifying of a phlegm.

Karlovy Vary salt natural: method of application and doses

Karlovy Vary salt natural is applied inside, outwardly and as an additive to food as the all-strengthening, medical and cosmetology means.
For internal application are used, depending on a disease, solutions of Karlovy Vary salt of various concentration and temperature. The daily volume of mineral water (at least 400-500 ml) is accepted in 2-4 receptions. A course of treatment - not less than 4-5 weeks.
The mineral water received from Karlovy Vary salt is natural ionic solution therefore inclusion in a food allowance of a small amount of Karlovy Vary salt promotes completion macro - and the minerals half-received with food.
Bathtubs with Karlovy Vary mineral salt have the soothing, calming effect, have local and cumulative anti-inflammatory effect, promote strengthening of exchange processes in skin and internals.
For preparation of a bathtub at a temperature of 37-38 degrees to add 20-25 g to water. Karlovy Vary mineral salt. Time of reception of a bathtub - not bolee15-20 minutes.
In the cosmetology purposes it is possible to use the solution of Karlovy Vary mineral salt frozen in the form of cubes of 0,5%.
Combining reception of Karlovy Vary salt in a complex with therapy by DENAS devices, DIADENS can improve results of treatment significantly.

Karlovy Vary mineral salt: structure

Karlovy Vary mineral salt contains in quantity, necessary for an organism, sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorides, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, iron, silicon, copper, lithium, zinc, fluorine. In total about 40 various elements, including rare-earth are a part of Karlovy Vary salt. On balneological classification Karlovy Vary salt belongs to natural gidrokarbonatno-sulfate chloride and sodium salt.

Karlovy Vary salt: contraindications

Intake of Karlovy Vary salt without coordination with the doctor is not recommended at the diseases which are followed by hypostases with a high arterial pressure and a renal failure.
During reception of solution of Karlovy Vary salt it is necessary to exclude use of medicamentous laxatives.
It is not recommended for continuous application, has laxative effect.

Karlovy Vary mineral salt: expiration date

3 years of date of production.

Karlovy Vary salt: storage conditions

To store in the dry and dark place at the room temperature.

Karlovy Vary salt: volume

Is issued in banks on 100 g.

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Karlovy Vary sal
Karlovy Vary sal
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