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JB-D01 Acid Degreaser Additive

JB-D01 Acid Degreaser Additive

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uProduct Features

1.Applicable to degreaser ,as polishing oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil, are very easy cleansing .

2.Degreaser-SA can be used for chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, alkaline / acid before etching.

3.No need to setup a new bath, you can added it directly to use on the original sulfuric acid solution, low cost of construction the bath.

4.Strong oxidizer and metal ions effective combination to prevent corrosion of the base, preventing thewhite corrosion point after washing .

uTank set up parameters

JB-D013050 g/l

uControlling parameters

free acid30~80g/l

aluminium ion:≤10g/l

normal temperature

time 15min

uMaintenance and control

1The chemical should be added base on the volume of aluminium profile. For clear anodizing, the consumption of JB-D01 is 3~ 5kg per ton; for coated profile, consumption is 4 ~6 kg per ton.

2Avoid foreign particles into the tank, regular cleaning of the tank is essential.

uPackage and Storage

25kg plastic bucketProtect form heating, avoid alkali, keep sealed in a dry, cool place and prevent leakage. The product should be or more than one year before expiration date under room temperature

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JB-D01 Acid Degreaser Additive
JB-D01  Acid Degreaser Additive
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