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Twin screws Rotary 2O Pumps

Twin screws Rotary 2O Pumps

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Twin Screws rotary pump, timed type also according to API 676 latest edition

A complete range of timed twin screws rotary pumps

The new pumps series production model 2O represents the evolution of one hundred years of experience in design and construction of twin screws rotary pumps with internal or external timing device.

The new series has been completely designed and engineered to supply extremely reliable pumps, even if the working conditions are critical.

Thank to computer aid the hydraulic profile, the components and the dimensions are fully optimized. That means a compact and solid construction with an easy to repair feature

The pumps series production model 2O are extremely versatile and can easy meet customer's requirements.

The wide range of models, materials of construction and assemblies, for any specific applications, offer a reliable solutions in accordance with API 676 standard too.
The pumps series production model 20 are provided with a wear resistant inner casing for long life and trouble free operations.

The inner casing, cast type, can be supplied in a wide range of materials to match fluid characteristics.

The outer pump casing is of compact design type and provided with ample flow passages to minimize the frictions and increase the efficiency.

The casing is designed for a working pressure up to 20 bar at the maximum temperature of 200°C.
Special features with cooling or heating chamber are also available on request.
The nozzles are flange type in accordance with ISO or ANSI standard.

The nozzles positions are IN-LINE as standard, SIDE-TOP are on request

All gaskets are confined O-ring type, supplied in different synthetic plastic materials. Spiral wound gaskets can be also supplied for high temperature.

Screw rotors are single bar piece, forged type. On the screw rotor, non driving end, are located the timing gear.
The timing position of the screws do not required any adjustment since the timing gears are positioned by keys, so that the screws never touch with one to another. Gears have hardened and rectified teeth profiles to allow high precision coupling and silent running.

Oversized roller bearings series NU on the timing gears side and ball bearing angular contact type on the coupling side are fitted. The bearings can be easily removed to allow mechanical seal replacement.

The lubrication of the bearing is grease type on the coupling side and oil type at the timing gears side. Oil lubrication for both side is also available, including external circulation if required.

A wide range of solutions about bearings lubrication and protection are available including V-ring up to bearing protector IP66.

All mechanical seal are supplied in accordance with API682 standard. Cartridge type mechanical seal are available on request.

All pumps can be supplied with relief valve API520 standard.
Performance Data

Pump capacity up to 1300 m/h
Pumpworking pressure up to 100 Bar
Working temperature from -50°C to +350°C
Working viscosity up to 5000 cst
Speed up to 3600 rpm
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Twin screws Rotary 2O Pumps
Twin screws Rotary 2O Pumps
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