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Centro Congressi Europeo

 Italia, 47814 Bellaria-Igea Marina RN

The EUROPEO CONFERENCE CENTRE, which is situated in Bellaria IgeaMarina in the province of RIMINI, is an extremely modern multipurposebuilding. The centre uses cutting edge technology and thanks to itselegant architecture and functional services it is the ideal place tohold conventions, special events, exhibitions and trade fairs.
To organise your event, the centre can offer either a complete packageof services or the possibility to choose from the conference centre,catering services, hotel accommodation and entertainment. All of this,plus the traditional warm hospitality of Romagna and extremelyreasonable prices. The Europeo Conference Centre has a number ofdifferent areas and halls that are suitable for events of any size.They range from the "Alfredo Panzini" plenary hall, which has acapacity of 1,500, to smaller meeting rooms (10 in total) that can hostup to 60 participants.
There is an impressive catering and lounge area, including a restaurantwith panoramic views that holds up to 1,300 diners, three fullyequipped bars and spacious receptions and foyers that cover over 700 sqm.
For accommodation, the Europeo Conference Centre has a specialagreement with Eurocongressi Group - Foschi Hotels, which has 700 rooms(3 and 4-star) available, and the AQUABELL water park, which also has alarge discotheque, is close by.
Please feel free to ask us for an estimate for your particular needs,without obligation. We will without doubt find the perfect solution foryou at the very best price.

  • "A.Panzini" main conference hall (with a seating capacity of 1,500 and a backstage consisting of 2 business offices reserved for special guests, both of which have a separate entrance directly from outside.
  • 2 conference halls (capacity 300 - 400 places)
  • 8 halls for smaller meetings (capacity varies from a minimum of 60 to a maximum of 160 places)
  • Restaurant with panoramic views (1,500 seating capacity) with adjoining, fully equipped kitchen (no catering)
  • 30 flag staffs
  • Various exhibition areas (2,000 square metres in total) on different levels of the building.
  • Special areas for technical-scientific exhibitions
  • Warehouses for packaging and goods
  • Press office
  • Reserved summit room (12/18 places)
  • 3 Bars,each with its own lounge area
  • 4 simultaneous translation cabins and a control room
  • 7 reserved daises
  • 3 Lifts, which are in compliance with laws for carrying the disabled and have access ramps
  • Cloak room and toilet facilities (nr. 70 + nr. 4 for the disabled)
  • 70 toilets + 4 for the disabled
  • Availability of various service offices + safe
  • Closed-circuit video system in all conference halls
  • Internetconnection through nr. 4 ISDN plugs and an ADSL line
  • Audio/Video projection, amplification and recording
  • Infirmary
  • M.D.S..D.S. travel agency (internal)
  • 6 public telephones
  • Air conditioning/ heating and UTA air treatment
  • Spacious car park (with more than 1,000 car parking spaces)
  • Other services ,which due to their unusual nature or because of market conditions do not require direct management, are entrusted to and carried out by carefully selected external collaborators.
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