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Campus Bicocca centro espositivo in all Italia in Milano | Fiere presso Campus Bicocca per 2021 |

Campus Bicocca

 Italia, University of Milan Bicocca

The University of Milano - Bicocca turns 10 in 2008 but our history is richer than it seems. It was instituted to serve students from Northern Italy and take some pressure off the historical University of Milan which was getting over-crowded.

The university is in an area that up until the late eighties was the Pirelli industrial complex – product of the biggest urban renewal project ever carried out in Milan since the end of the Second World War. Based on a design by the world-renowned ‘Gregotti Associati International’ design and architectural firm, the ex industrial warehouses and were quickly converted into faculties, administrative facilities and student residence halls. 

**** Albergo Hotel St.George
Milano, Viale Tunisia 9, Stazione Centrale, 20124 Milano

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