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It is better use eyelash glue correctly

It is better use eyelash glue correctly

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In today's age of beauty, many people like to dress up and want to make themselves beautiful and beautiful. Girls are generally yearning for themselves to be beautiful, so they dress themselves every day and make themselves more refined. I believe that no girl does not want to make herself beautiful, but some girls are not confident. I feel that I am not so good - looking. This problem is very simple now because I can choose makeup now. Make - up can make a person more delicate and beautiful, so many girls choose to make makeup to decorate themselves now. Let yourself become more beautiful, and this is also what many girls yearn for. If you want to make yourself beautiful, you can only change yourself beautifully. There are a lot of processes in the make - up. Of course, if you want to make yourself beautiful, you have to go through the makeup process. The steps are very important when you put on makeup. Nowadays, makeup has become the daily life of a beautiful girl. Girls who love makeup should be familiar with false eyelashes. There are also many girls who use false eyelashes. False eyelashes are mainly used to make people's eyes more bright. Now false eyelashes are also very popular among girls, but in When using false eyelashes, be sure to pay attention to the normal use of false eyelashes, so that you can use false eyelashes more perfectly. Here's how to use  eyelashes glue  correctly.


The process is very important when using eyelash glue. If you want to make the false eyelashes more natural, then you must understand the specific requirements of the eyelash glue, which is better to grasp the eyelash glue, so that you can use the fake better. eyelash. When using the eyelash glue, the indoor temperature is best maintained at 18 - 25 ° C, this temperature is the best, if your indoor temperature is too high, then the viscosity of the eyelash glue will drop, it is easy It affects the viscosity of the  eyelashes glue , so it is necessary to control the temperature of the room during use. The temperature should not be too high, but the temperature should not be too low. It is better to keep the temperature to the best. eyelash. There is a very important step before using eyelash glue. That is, when you are ready to use, you must shake the eyelash glue a few times. After shaking for 30 times, the glue that is in contact with the liquid is pure black. After the black glue is squeezed out, the bottle is tilted at a forty - five - degree angle, and the air in the bottle is squeezed out. Do not leave the residual glue in the bottle mouth. The sure guarantee is not to be squeezed to stay in the bottle mouth. The vinyl is wiped off like air.


When you don't use eyelash glue, it's best not to put the eyelash glue in a place where the sun is warm. It is very bad for eyelash glue. You should put the eyelash glue in a cool place where the sun can't directly reach it. If the temperature is too high, you can put the eyelash glue in a professional beauty refrigerator, but you need to pay attention to all the ice when using it. When the eyelashes glue returns to normal temperature, it is normal. This is the most effective way to use it. If you are in a colder place, it is recommended that you seal the eyelash glue completely and then store it in a moisture - proof place. This will stabilize the eyelash glue, because every time you open the eyelash glue, it will It is in contact with the air, so you must keep the cap tightly tightened so that the eyelash glue can be stored normally. It is required to use it within 30 days when opening the seal so that the best effect can be achieved.


Please do not put the eyelash glue into a relatively small container and a relatively large container, because the original eyelash glue is modulated by a professional ratio, and it is very easy to have a column error during the process of dispensing. A phenomenon that affects the quality of vinyl, what it is like at the time of purchase, what it is when it is used; when it is used to prevent eyelash glue, it must not be turned to the horizontal and tilted, if put If the position is not good, the eyelash glue will easily flow out, not only easy to flow out but also a phenomenon of blocking the mouth of the bottle; you must keep a few residual tubes of glue in the bottle mouth of the eyelash glue, because it is easy It will affect the glue in the bottle and it will be difficult to pour out, and it will damage the bottle mouth; if you take it out in the refrigerator, you must pay attention to the use of ice after it has been used, and it must be restored to normal temperature. Normally used to protect our eyelashes and protect eyelash glue.

The use of eyelash glue is very important. When using it, be sure to understand the basic characteristics of eyelash glue. After use, be sure to ensure the safety of eyelash glue. Be sure to store it.

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It is better use eyelash glue correctly
It is better use eyelash glue correctly
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