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Buy IPS-MG4.01, IPS-MG4.03 concrete durability measuring instruments
IPS-MG4.01, IPS-MG4.03 concrete durability measuring instruments

IPS-MG4.01, IPS-MG4.03 concrete durability measuring instruments

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Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСКБ Стройприбор
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The gage type is approved 
It is brought in the State registry of the Russian Federation at No. 60741-15, 
are also brought in State registries of Kazakhstan, Belarus


 IPS-MG4.01, IPS-MG4.03 and IPS-MG4.04 devices are intended for operating nondestructive control of durability and uniformity of concrete and solution by method of a shock impulse in accordance with GOST 22690. A device scope - determination of durability of concrete, solution at the enterprises of building industry and construction objects, and also at inspection of the operated buildings and constructions. Devices can be used to control of durability of a brick and construction ceramics.


Unlike analogs, devices are supplied:

·                    the input equipment of coefficient of coincidence of Ks for expeditious specification of basic calibration characteristics according to  the state standard specification 22690 Appendix No. 9 ;

·                    device of marking of measurements by type of a controlled product (beam, plate, farm, etc.);

·                    function of an exception of wrong intermediate value.

Devices have non-volatile memory, the data transmission mode on the computer through USB port and is supplied with the input equipment in the program device of the individual calibration dependences established by the user.

Measurement of durability of concrete consists in drawing on the controlled site of a product of a series to 15 blows, the electronic block in the parameters of a shock impulse arriving from a sklerometr estimates the hardness and elasto-plastic properties of the tested material, will transform impulse parameter to durability and calculates the corresponding class of concrete.


The algorithm of processing of results of measurements includes:

·                    averaging of intermediate values;

·                    comparison of each intermediate value with an average, with the subsequent rejection of abnormal values;

·                    averaging of the intermediate values which remained after rejection;

·                    indication and record in memory of final value of durability and a class of concrete.



Modification of IPS-MG4.03 has all opportunities of the IPS-MG4.01 device, is in addition equipped with function of calculation of a class of concrete B, with a possibility of the choice of coefficient of a variation, supplied with 44 basic calibration characteristics considering a type of concrete, has display illumination, real time clock, function of viewing of intermediate values of durability of concrete and is equipped with a possibility of specification of basic calibration characteristics depending on conditions of curing and age of concrete.




Parameters Measurement unit. Value
Range of measurement of durability MPa from 3 to 100
Limits of the allowed relative error of measurement of durability % ± 8
The volume of the archived information values 15000
Amount of individual calibration dependences piece 20
Amount of basic calibration dependences piece 44
Overall dimensions    
- electronic block mm 180x90x30
- sklerometra mm 185х130х70
Weight kg  no more than 0,77
Average time between failures h not less than 3000
Middle service life years  not less than 10



Name Measurement unit. Quantity
Electronic block piece 1
Sklerometr piece 1
Control sample piece 1
Cable of contact with the computer piece 1
CD with the software piece 1
Packing case piece 1
Operation manual piece 1
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IPS-MG4.01, IPS-MG4.03 concrete durability measuring instruments
IPS-MG4.01, IPS-MG4.03 concrete durability measuring instruments
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