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Installations of ionic nitriding and karbonitrirovaniye

Installations of ionic nitriding and karbonitrirovaniye

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We bring to your attention installations and progressive technologies and the equipment for resource-saving and waste-free processes of the chemical heat treatment (CHT) in an impulse plasma of the smoldering category which provide primary qualities and office properties on any stalyakh, alloys and metal ceramics and are intended for various products and the tool in all industries. Ionic nitriding and a karbonitrirovaniye — chemical heat treatment of products, details and the tool from which diffusive saturation of a blanket as the nitrogen dissolved in a matrix, and compounds of nitrogen with the basic alloying elements of the nitrated material ― nitrides and karbonitrida of iron, chrome, vanadium, the titan, tungsten and other metal impurity results. Process is carried out in the nitrogen-containing gas environment with a working pressure in a chamber of installation of 0,4-10 Mbar under the influence of the smoldering electric discharge between the cathode (details) and the anode (walls of a vacuum chamber). As a result of formation of active plasma — the ionized gas various modifications of diffusive coverings possessing high quality and office properties actively are formed:
Carbonaceous and low-alloyed became ― mm h=0,2-1,0, 350-650 HV; 35-58 HRC;
Became Srednelegirovannye ― mm h=0,1-0,8, 650-1200 HV; 58-71 HRC;
High-alloyed there were also Ti-alloys ― mm h=0,1-0,3, 700-1300 HV; 60-73 HRC;
Tool became ― mm h=0,01-0,3, 800-1300 HV; 64-73 HRC;
Metal ceramics ― mm h=0,01-1,0, 350-650 HV; 35-58 HRC;
Chuguna ― mm h=0,1-0,3, 500-700 HV; 49-60 HRC.
The strengthened products have the high hardness, fatigue and contact durability, the best complex of iznoso-zadirostoyky and anticorrosive properties: Friction coefficient with greasing ― 0,03-0,05;
Friction coefficient in dry conditions ― 0,1-0,3;
Corrosion and erosive firmness corresponds to the high-alloyed steel 12X18H10T;
Contact and fatigue durability and durability 1,5-2 times higher.
In general the above-stated properties surpass indicators of the chromeplated and other chemical and thermal coverings by 2-4 times.
The main advantages and differences of new technologies in comparison with the existing processes of HTO and galvanics (cementation, cyanation, oven and catalytic nitriding, chromium plating, etc.): Ecological purity, harmlessness and wastelessness of processes;
Resource-saving due to sharp reduction of the electric power by 2-5 times (average consumption 0,05... 0,1 kW-hours on 1 kg of a product) and working gases by 100-200 times (1 cylinder of ammonia for 3 months of work of installation);
Increase of productivity, decrease in labor input and cost of processing by 2-4 times;
Improvement of quality of coverings due to uniform, adjustable and faultless formation of the strengthened layers;
The minimum change of the sizes and preservation of fair parameters in admissions of design documentation that excludes additional machining of the strengthened products;
Application of easy and cheap ways of protection of details at local hardening which replace harmful and the expensive galvanic, and also other isolating chemical coverings;
Creation of specialized types of the sheetings having specially focused and adjustable structure, possessing a unique complex of properties on wear resistance and the resilience to a treshchinoobrazovaniye;
Development of the express analysis for diagnostics of quality of coverings within 2-5 minutes;
Existence of 40 years' research and production experience of researches and introduction of priority scientific and design decisions.
Introducing technologies of surface ion-plasma treatment on the production, you save material resources, improve an ecological situation at the enterprise, promote repeated increase in productivity and lift quality of production on the level inaccessible earlier. The modern equipment, computer management of the HTO modes and a possibility of expeditious regulation of parameters of process of nitriding – all this promotes modernization and increase of a technological level of thermal productions.

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Installations of ionic nitriding and karbonitrirovaniye
Installations of ionic nitriding and karbonitrirovaniye
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