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Injektor for meat and a bird of RUHLE IR 56 - from a warehouse in Moscow – Ks Machines (Ks Mashins), OOO |
Buy Injektor for meat and a bird of RUHLE IR 56 - from a warehouse in Moscow
Injektor for meat and a bird of RUHLE IR 56 - from a warehouse in Moscow

Injektor for meat and a bird of RUHLE IR 56 - from a warehouse in Moscow

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Russia, Moscow
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandRUHLE
  • Country of manufactureGermany


The automated Complex for Inyektirovaniya MYAS AND the BIRD.

RUHLE IR 56 - Producer: GERMANY

Completely automated filling complex a brine, with changeable technology of the giving and a control system allowing to control each stage of working process. This set of technologies guarantees really unique indicators of injection and the highest productivity.

Completely kompyyuterizirvoany complex obsepechivat ranomerny and exact injection with a possibility of filling of 5000 kg of meat for 1 cycle with extent of injection from 5 to 80 percent. Almost completely the automated working process is started by pressing of only one button.

The filling complex a brine is equipped with necessary technologies for control of all stages of working process - whether it be temperature, percent of injection or weight. all this guarantees not only safe working conditions, but also a possibility of fast identification of mistakes at any moment.

The computer keeps all data on working process. which can be presented in the form of charts or tables. Further, they can be redirected to office through a network for further processing.


Regardless of the processed product, the control unit quickly precisely synchronizes work of 9 programs for achievement of excellent results of injection.

All changes in process are carefully monitored, and fixed, and operation of the machine is recustomized. The unique software transfers to the operator all information on technological process or process of cleaning

All parameters - the brine temperature, working pressure, injection percent, structure of a brine, the status of cleaning and hygiene, a running cycle, consumption and an expense are controlled by the computer .

Under each product own program of injection in almost any language can be created.

Management of each needle for best accuracy and the largest productivity.

Regardless of loading of the conveyor and height of each piece of meat in the course of injection only those needles which are really necessary at present are involved. Injection of a brine goes only to the moment of passing of meat. It means uniformity of injection of a brine without loss of pressure and minimization of return of a brine.

Stop of giving of a brine at hit in a bone.

At hit of a needle in a bone giving of a brine immediately stops, being resumed only at retraction of a needle. It allows to avoid areas of excess filling around bones and, thus, ideal uniformity of an asyshcheniye of a product is provided with a brine.

The high-performance centrifugal pump - delicate process of injection directly in meat fibers.

The powerful rotational pump provides pressure from 1 to 6 BAR. With pomoshchbyu it at the minimum damage of fibers there is an injection of the largest volumes of a brine. Process is such accurate that fibers are not damaged sovereshenno.

Izmeniyaemy skorosto injection - from 1 to 80 injections a minute provides not only intensity of working process, but also also allows dobitsye of ideal accuracy of injection as during the work from 80%, and 5% of an injection and all this in only one cycle.

- Simplicity of access to working bodies of the car guarantees speed of process of cleaning. In addition to it the car is equipped with system of automatic self-cleaning - purity and hygiene in the car is provided.

- The wide conveyor for large pieces of meat.

Standard complete set:

- execution from stainless steel;

- the special register for injection of a bird of 14 needles in 4 rows (56 needles);

- the operating computer with the touch panel (touch-panel);

- the built-in mixer for a brine;

- system of recirculation of a brine with the built-in system of a filtration;

- the giving lifting system on 5 boxes;

- system of production diagnostics;

- the pump with protection against vibration;

- adjustment of pressure of injection;

- a brine injection without pressure upon a product;

- the easily removable conveyor from stainless steel;

- changeable height of working pass;

- system of giving of a brine (pipelines) from stainless steel;

- the polymeric bearings which are not demanding service;

- conforms to the CE and GS standards and the international standards of safety.

The controller with touch management synchronizes nine power blocks of the drive, allowing to adapt to product type quickly. Parameters of all processes are documented. The software informs the operator, or brings all data of production or a cycle of automatic cleaning to the computer .

The filtering system with the rotating filter allows to delete large particles from a brine and prevents a blockage of needles. Large fractions of protein or spices are split and again mix up with a brine. The system is easily served and cleaned.

Injektor is equipped with the built-in mixer for a brine. Speed of mixing and giving of a brine is regulated by the computer that guarantees high quality of a brine during all working process, despite stop intervals in work of an injektor.

The built-in giving system allows to lift five euroboxes with a product on working height level with the conveyor. In process of release of boxes, the following box rises one pressing of the button.

Technical characteristics:

Productivity, kg/h - to 5000;

Pressure of injection, bar - 1 – 6;

Injection percent for pass, % - to 80;

Height of a product, mm - to 200;

Width of the conveyor, mm - 350;

Quantity of needles, piece - 56 (14x4);

Speed of the movement of needles, blow/min. - 5-60;

Power, kW / - 7,5;

Food, In/Hz / phases - 400/50/3

Dimensions, mm - 1600 x 750 x 1950

The weight, kg - 750

Inyektor is in a warehouse in Moscow!

You like this equipment? To us too! What our further actions?

The answer is simple - call us, think and make the order. You will not regret.

And it will be pleasant to us to deliver you such equipment!

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Injektor for meat and a bird of RUHLE IR 56 - from a warehouse in Moscow
Injektor for meat and a bird of RUHLE IR 56 - from a warehouse in Moscow
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