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Infrared radiator folioMASTER sets of IR film "Heating Floor your warm comfort ®" – TEZO, OOD |
Buy Infrared radiator folioMASTER sets of IR film "Heating Floor your warm comfort ®"
Infrared radiator folioMASTER sets of IR film "Heating Floor your warm comfort ®"

Infrared radiator folioMASTER sets of IR film "Heating Floor your warm comfort ®"

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  • Country of manufactureKorea

MASTER sets of infrared film "Heating Floor your warm comfort ®"  are easy to install and to operate. You can use them as a primary heating or in addition to comfortable heating of the floor. Can be installed under the floor, laminate or carpet and create uniform heating of large spaces.

Infrared foil may be a power of 160 or 220W / square meter and a width of 0.5 m, 0.8 m or 1m. Length can be cut over 0.25 meters. To help you the most prepared our Master kits designed specifically according to your needs. Just send us an email to:  simple sketch of your room with dimensions mapped from wall to wall. Note the locations of furniture that lie flat on the floor (under them should not have foil to avoid overheating). We will offer the optimal plan for installation and once you confirm you narezhem foil according to size and install terminals.

MASTER Set "Heating Floor your warm comfort®" c IR heating foil DAEWOO ENERPIA (Korea) comprises:

  1. Инфрачервено отоплително фолио DAEWOO ENERPIA (Корея) по размер зададен от Вас с монтирани и изолирани клеми и захранващ кабел, единичен многожилен 2,5 кв.мм
  2. Термостат на избор -  "Умен термостат" EPU-250, 12А , (Корея),  EPU-400, 18А  (Корея) или  CY07-H3, 16А  (Китай)
  3. Термосензор
  4. Подова топлоотразяваща изолация с дебелина 5 мм - на избор
  5. Разклонителна кутия
  6. Гофрирана тръба 2м
  7. Лента самозаплеваща на битумна основа
  8. Скоч лента
  9. Полиестерна влагозащитна подложка (наелон)
  10. WAGO клеми
  11. Ръководство за инсталация
  12. Ръководство на термостат

Гаранция на термостати - 2 години.

Доставка е безплатна.


1. Почистване - почистете пода и се уверете да няма остри предмети и ръбове, за да не повредят термо фолиото при монтажа.

2. Хидроизолация - ако подът е влажен, трябва да го подсушите. В помещения с висока влажност може да поставите винилова изолация преди специалната изолация за термофолиото.

3. Монтаж на излоционната подложка - Измерете и отрежете необходимата подова топлоотразяваща изолация и след това я фиксирайте за пода с тиксо.

4. Монтаж на Инфрачервено отоплително фолио - Положете отоплителното фолио върху изолацията според предварително изготвения план. Не припокривайте листовете фолио. Оставете интервал от 1cm между тях. Разстоянието до стената трябва да бъде поне 10cm. Фиксирайте краищата на фолиото с тиксо.

5.  Under terminals  need to trim nest in isolation and put them there so as not to get bumps.

6.  tack temperature sensor  - (thermo sensor) on the lower end of the thermal film. Under sensor should trim nest in isolation and put it there so as not to get bumps.

7.  Connect the power cord . Mislead power cords to the floor mounted low down in the wall junction box as a model knife cut the insulation, cut the insulation under bituminous tape at both ends of each foil, insert the cable into the groove and stick it with tape.

8.  At the junction box  connected in parallel all the wires of the film as well as those of termostatas help of WAGO terminal supplied

9.  Connect the thermostat and carry out exothermic test  -Connect thermostat and check the total power by measuring instrument, while testing the produced heat. If you have an existing contact and will use it to connect to the power line, you should note that the maximum power must be 15 A.

10. Installation of the moisture-proof backing . Spread moisture-proof pad, cut the required length and place it on the heating foil. Fix the moisture-proof backing with adhesive tape. Cover only heated areas. 

11.  Installing the cover  next step is to put the flooring, laminate flooring or other wooden cover.

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Infrared radiator folioMASTER sets of IR film "Heating Floor your warm comfort ®"
Infrared radiator folioMASTER sets of IR film "Heating Floor your warm comfort ®"
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