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Hydrazine hydrate

Hydrazine hydrate

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The hydrazine hydrate or diamide with chemical formula of N2H4-H2O is the liquid without color possessing pungent smell of ammonia. The hydrazine hydrate (diamide) is well mixed with ethyl alcohol, and also water. The hydrazine (diamide) is not dissolved in diethyl ether, benzene, chloroform. On air absorbs carbon dioxide gas as possesses hygroscopic properties. The hydrazine hydrate is strong reducer. It is capable to destruction of rubber and glass, and couples hydrate hydrazine in heated state at the time of contact with air are explosive. Way of receiving hydrate Hydrazine following: The hydrazine hydrate can be received from ammonia, or CO (NH2) 2 urea by means of NaOCl sodium hypochlorite.

Use of hydrazine hydrate.

Hydrazine hydrate is applied to removal of oxygen when processing water; for corrosion protection of water and steam circulating pipelines (namely: steam generators, cooling systems, systems of heating), and also for preservation of the equipment taken out of service.
Also hydrazine hydrate is used:
as fuel in fuel cells;
for receiving pure metals (Cu, Ni, etc.) from their oxides and salts;
in production of steam generators (for example, benzolsulfonilgidrazida), insecticides, explosive substances (astrolitas), regulators of growth of plants (for example, hydrazide of maleic acid), pharmaceuticals (for example, hydrazide of isonicotinic acid);
as reactant (for detection of carbonyl groups, chlorites and chlorates);
for receiving intermediate products and dyes;
as additive in glass melt (for elimination of dimness of glasses);
for purification of industrial gases of CO2 and mercaptans
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Hydrazine hydrate
Hydrazine hydrate
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