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Holmium - holmium metal the Gom-brands 1 (No-99,9 of %).

Holmium - an ideal paramagnetic, but similar magnetic properties and at the majority of rare-earth elements.
Holmium - one of the most rare lanthanides, is in monatsitovy sand and some other minerals. Is present always with other members of this family from whom with the greatest work separates after literally many thousands recrystallization.
Holmium monoisotope element (holmium-165).


Receiving superstrong magnetic fields
Holmium of ultrahigh purity is applied to production of pole terminals of superconducting magnets for receiving superstrong magnetic fields. In the same relation the importance plays an alloy holmium-erbium.
The radioactive isotope of holmium — holmium-66 finds application in an analytical chemistry as the radiotracer.

Addition of holmium to aluminum alloys sharply reduce gas content in them.

Laser materials
Ions of holmium serve for generation of laser radiation in a range infra-red, wavelength — 2,05 mk.

Thermoelectric materials
Termo-e.d.s monotelluride of holmium makes 40 mkv / To.
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Holmium metal
Holmium metal
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