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Hill Water Non-chlorine disinfection of water

Hill Water Non-chlorine disinfection of water

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The only means for disinfection of water in the pool which allows to purify completely water without use of chlorine and other chemical preparations hazardous to health. Crystal-clear water after 2kh week use. Absolutely harmless to children, does not cause allergies and irritation, favorably influences skin, hair and eyes.

Hillwater is developed in vitro for disinfection of water in the pool - it is the new generation of antiseptics which does not have color and a smell. It is absolutely safe for a human body: does not dry hair, does not cause irritation of eyes and skin. Hillwater kills intercellular membranes of harmful microorganisms, at the same time does not cause corrosion of the equipment and allows to cut down expenses of means for lowering of the level of PH. This means gives the chance to refuse use of additional chemical preparations for fight against seaweed and stabilization of metals.

Thanks to a preparation for disinfecting of Hillwater water, the people suffering from allergic reactions are able to afford to swim in pools. Besides that the preparation not only does not cause an allergy, but also well influences skin: in 5 minutes after contact of artificially infected hands with a preparation it is possible to allocate only single microorganisms. This effect remains within 5 hours, at the same time curing on skin of scratches and cracks is observed.

The following characteristics belong to the main features of "Hillwater":

  • The preparation does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Does not cause irritation of skin and mucous membranes;
  • There is no corrosion of the equipment;
  • Has no smell and color at all;
  • In water does not form toxic connections;
  • normalizes metals in water and does not demand use of auxiliary reagents.

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1 liter 200

Main feature of "Hillwater" is an opportunity to completely disinfect water in the pool without use of such toxic means as chlorine and chlorine-containing preparations, sulfate copper, and also in considerable to lower a dose of a mineral coagulant (aluminum sulfate). It will allow you at water purification in the pool:

  • First it is considerable to simplify water purification procedure;
  • Secondly to increase technological and ecological safety.

The antimicrobic water-soluble preparation "Hillwater" is specially developed for the compelled and preventive disinfection in concentration to 0,5% at an infection of the first group of stability, and at concentration of 1,0% — and tuberculosis. Means belongs to biocides of a broad spectrum of activity of antimicrobic activity in relation to gramotritsatelny and grampolozhitelny bacteria (including mikobakteriya of a legionellez, tuberculosis), mushrooms, viruses (enteralny and parenteral hepatitises, HIV, flu, herpes, poliomyelitis, etc.), including mold, barmy and drozhzhepodobny, sort mushrooms Candida, candidiasis, dermatophytes.

"Hillwater" destroys all microbes, viruses and fungi as the mechanism of action of this preparation is applicable to all harmful microorganisms. Disinfecting of "Hillwater" gives the prolonged action, besides it is extremely simple in use and in the long term saves money.

Appeal of this means to water disinfecting was already estimated in a large number of pools and water complexes across Ukraine, besides by many private houses of Kiev, Kharkiv pass to use of "Hillwater" for water disinfection.

High level of safety of this preparation allows to recommend it for water purification for drink and swimming pools.

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Hill Water Non-chlorine disinfection of water
Hill Water Non-chlorine disinfection of water
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