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Hendel's Garden (Hendelz Garden) – a garnet emulsion from extensions – Granada, OOO |
Buy Hendel's Garden (Hendelz Garden) – a garnet emulsion from extensions
Hendel's Garden (Hendelz Garden) – a garnet emulsion from extensions

Hendel's Garden (Hendelz Garden) – a garnet emulsion from extensions

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Unique garnet emulsion of Hendel's Garden from extensions
Beauty of the woman and self - confidence – almost synonyms. Such problem as extensions and cellulitis, strongly influence a psychoemotional condition of the fair sex. The woman begins hesitate of the body, to hide it, to refuse to itself summer pleasures, such as suntan and bathing. A sharp set of weight or the child's birth – major factors of emergence of extensions. At their detection on skin, you should not panic. It was possible to struggle with this illness only by means of laser therapy several decades ago, but various alternatives appeared now. The garnet emulsion of Hendel from extensions will return you self - confidence and beauty. Skin will become tightened, soft, smooth and well - groomed. Hems and cellulitis will disappear. The result will be consolidated for a long time.

Why there are extensions?
set/loss of weight;
removal of artificial implants from mammary glands;
puberty period;
violations in work of endocrine system;
age – loss of elasticity of skin.
Exact emergence of striya is unknown, but some experts believe, as heredity plays in it not the last role. Extensions in itself do not pose threat to health, interfering only with not esthetic look. But if they appear for the uncertain reasons which are not connected with above - mentioned factors it is worth seeing a doctor surely.

Useful properties and advantages

If you found on extension skin, cellulitis, damages, try Hendel emulsion.
It is possible to apply this means at any age.
It effectively fights against striya and works for the future – provides the prevention of extensions.
Cools skin, stimulates intake of blood to the zones demanding treatment.
There is a strengthening of skin, smoothing of cellulitis, healing of fabrics.
Natural components are made active by disintegration of subcutaneous fats, fill in epidermis missing nutrients, enrich with vitamins.
The garnet emulsion of Hendel is suitable for pregnant women and the feeding women.
Structure of a garnet emulsion from extensions

The emulsion consists only of natural components. Let's consider its structure:
flavonoids smooth a relief and humidify, relieve cages of toxins which accelerate aging and withering of skin;
phytoestrogen is responsible for cell renewal;
folic acid – legendary means for skin youth;
fatty acids hold moisture in a cage, restore protective functions of epidermis;
organic acids clear, level, bleach;
vitamin C intensifies production of collagen, rejuvenates;
vitamins of group B clean inflammations, strengthen microblood circulation, update skin;
beta carotene protects from harmful effects of environment and sunlight;
minerals of Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, Cu kill pathogenic bacteria, are responsible for elasticity of skin.
As means from extensions works

As it was noticed above, extensions seldom appear if the organism of the woman is healthy. Their emergence always provokes any stress. Pregnancy, set or weight reduction, hormonal failures. Striya usually red or violet color, like bruise.

Emergence of extensions is almost always followed by emergence of cellulitis. All this speaks about an urgent need to help your skin to be restored from within. Cages lack vitamins and moistening. The emulsion of Hendel is intended for such cases.

The nutrients which are a part of an emulsion are absorbed in deep layers of epidermis and intensify process of cell regeneration. Use of an emulsion painless, unlike laser procedures. Content of collagen increases – cages become elastic, updated. Skin is tightened, cellulitis is smoothed. Outer defects of skin will also be eliminated – extensions will begin to brighten every day.

The instruction for application of a preparation from Hendel's Garden
As well as at any procedures connected with care of problem zones, skin needs to be prepared previously.
Take a hot shower, use a cosmetic srub or a special masseur.
Pay bigger attention to those sites where you will put an emulsion subsequently. Such preparation is necessary to clear skin, to open a time.
Massage will strengthen a rush of blood that when using means of Hendel will only strengthen effect.
After procedures wipe with a towel skin softly not to injure it.
After a while you can massage a little more problem places, then you put an emulsion.
Use it twice a day – the effect will come much quicker.
Contraindications and harm at cream from extensions from Hendel
Means is made of 100% of natural substances. Has no contraindications. Use at any age is authorized, at pregnancy and feeding.

* is not medicine

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Hendel's Garden (Hendelz Garden) – a garnet emulsion from extensions
Hendel's Garden (Hendelz Garden) – a garnet emulsion from extensions
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