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Heat-insulating paint Teplosil Standard

Heat-insulating paint Teplosil Standard

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Teplosil Standard

A universal development in the line of ultra - thin thermal insulation materials. TEPLOSIL Standard is suitable for any surfaces with operating temperatures from - 60'C to + 260'C

Thermal insulation TEPLOSIL;

Designed to obtain a heat - insulating coating on surfaces of any shape that require thermal protection.

It is used for thermal insulation of external and internal surfaces of enclosing structures of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures, pipelines, air ducts, equipment, etc.

Can be applied to metal, plastic, concrete, brick and other building materials, as well as equipment, pipelines and air ducts when operating objects with temperatures from minus 60 to plus 600 ° C. (Depending on modification).

It is a white suspension, which, after drying, forms an elastic hard coating. The coating has high chemical and biological resistance and is fireproof.

From an environmental point of view, TEPLOSIL is safe. The material does not emit substances hazardous to humans and does not pose a risk to human health.

The material is fully certified.

Technological map of application of liquid heat - insulating material Teplosil Standard Prepare the surface for the application of the material: cleaning from rust and scale, mechanized or manual with metal brushes. Dust the surface and, if necessary (in case of untreated grease stains), degrease it with solvent 646, 647. If necessary (in case of severe corrosion) treat the surface with a rust converter based on phosphoric acid (15% solution of water and phosphoric acid). When a phosphate "whitish" film forms on a metal surface, wash off acid residues with water, and a protective layer of a "whitish" color is formed. In the case of performing insulation work in conditions with high air humidity or with an ambient temperature below 15 ° C, pre - insulate the surface with any high - quality metal primer, if necessary, heat - resistant. Wait until it is completely dry. Before applying Teplosil Standard material, stir thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Mixing is carried out manually or mechanically. With mechanical stirring, the rotation speed should not exceed 300 rpm. Apply the first primer coat to the prepared surface. To prepare the primer, water is added to the Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (http: // www. Novapdf. Com) as a thinner (40 - 50% ). The viscosity of the material is adjusted depending on the surface temperature and its configuration. On hot surfaces with temperatures above 100 ° C, the material is applied, liquefied to the consistency of milk. In subsequent layers, apply Teplosil Standard material to the insulated surface in layers with the addition of water as a thinner (7 - 10% ), with the obligatory observance of the interlayer drying technology. Apply by brush, roller, air or airless spray. The number of layers, the thickness of the layers (the thickness of one layer should not exceed 0.5 mm! ) And the final thickness of the heat - insulating material Teplosil Standard is determined by the method of heat engineering calculation. It is recommended to apply the material at temperatures from + 5 to + 120 ° C. Wait for complete interlayer and final polymerization of the material - 24 hours. Material consumption: 300 - 600 ml. / m². The material is frost - resistant. 5 freezing cycles are allowed.

Technical parameters in accordance

with SNiP 23 - 101 - 2004 (clause 5.3)

Name of indicators Values

Conditions A, Conditions B

Density of the material, kg / m3 3390 390

Specific heat capacity of the coating, kJ / kg С1,081,08

Mass ratio of moisture in the coating, % 24

Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the coating, W / (m ° C) 0.0010.0015

Coefficient of heat assimilation (24 hours) of the coating, W / (m ° C) 0.300.35

Coefficient of thermal radiation of the coating, W / (m ° C) 0.320.32

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Heat-insulating paint Teplosil Standard
Heat-insulating paint Teplosil Standard
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