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Halogenerator Immunity 1.0

Halogenerator Immunity 1.0

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Products: Halogenerator Immunity 1.0, buy for export in Russia, Kemerovo, st. Nikolay Ostrovsky, 30 - 3

Apparatus for creating artificial microclimate "Immunity" 1.0:

  1. The volume of the processed air - from 10 to 40 m³
  2. Economical energy consumption
  3. Built - in turbo cleaning system of the device
  4. Internal / external placement (at the request of the customer)
  5. Drying system / high aerosol stability
  6. Inlet air filtration module
  7. Installing additional modules:
  8. Inlet air quartzization module (bactericidal lamp);
  9. Aerosol ionization module (charge particles with negative and positive ions)

Appointment and use of the device for creating an artificial microclimate (aerogalit generator) "Immunity"

The newest aerohalite generator "Immunity" was developed by the Global Group with the aim of creating a healing microclimatic environment, identical to that observed in natural salt caves. According to research, the environment rich in sodium chloride aerosol acts as a curative factor in a natural salt cave. With this in mind, the aerosol generator was designed to produce an aerosol with a maximum content of highly dispersed sodium chloride, free from microbes and charged with positive ions.

The improved system of the apparatus is based not on the spraying of salt powder, but on a completely different system - the emission of ionized therapeutic aerosol with a fine dispersed and fractional composition, which allows realizing the idea of recreating the atmosphere of a salt cave with conditions as close as possible to natural ones.

The principle of operation of the "Immunity" aerial halide generator and the essence of the "fluidized bed" system

The procedure for passing air / liquefied agent through a layer of crystalline particles, causing them to actively move, is called the fluidized bed effect. Dry NaCl is used as a dielectric, the particles of which electrify aerosol particles, thereby transferring a constant - value charge to them. As a result, the charged particles are thrown out by the air stream. The main difference of the aerosol generator is that the grinding of NaCl crystals is carried out gradually, which makes it possible to achieve additional generation of aerosol and its saturation with ions.

Unique features of the "Immunity" aerial halogen generator

A unique feature of the Immunity device is the electronic flow control. It is possible to adjust the intensity of the air supply, as well as to adjust the uniformity of the aerosol emission of a given concentration level during the session. All settings of the control unit are adjusted by the manufacturer, taking into account the parameters of the artificial salt cave or halochamber where the equipment will be used.

Judging by all the characteristics and features of the new generation "Immunity" halogen generator, this model stands out favorably among other similar devices and can be successfully used within the framework of preventive and health - improving programs.

Preparations for the operation of the "Immunity" aerial halogen generator

For efficient operation of the device and creation of a therapeutic environment in the halochamber, the patented drug "Nanogalit" is used. For its preparation, the salt of the Iletsk, Tyretsk, or Artyomovsk deposits is used.

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Country of origin: Russia.

Manufacturing company: LLC, NPK Global Group, Kemerovo, st. Nikolay Ostrovsky, 30 - 3.

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Halogenerator Immunity 1.0
Halogenerator Immunity 1.0
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