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Haemo sorbents coal

Haemo sorbents coal

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  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Гемосорбент углеродный
Haemo sorbents the carbon raised SKN durabilities in the columns of sorption one - time (CSOT) are intended for purification of blood out of organism. The haemo sorbent of SKN is recommended to be applied at: - sharp and chronic renal failure; - hepatic coma and prekomebiliarny cirrhosis; - by preparation and after liver operation and zhelchevyvodyashchy channels; - at sharp poisonings with barbiturates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organophosphorous insecticides, salicylates, tricyclic antidepressants, the alkylating preparations and antimetabolites, alkaloids, mushroom toxins, etc. of Gemosorbent carbon DNA - containing biospecific (GUDS) represents the activated carbon sorbent granulated high - porous with the high - polymeric deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) imparted on its surface. GUDS selectively deletes from blood, plasma and other DNA biological liquids - the connecting substances, keeping at the same time the nonspecific absorption capacity inherent in synthetic carbon haemo sorbents. The haemo sorbent of GUDS is intended for treatment of autoimmune diseases and pathologies with autoimmune component: - system red lupus (SRL); - lupoid nephrite; rheumatoid arthritis; psoriasis psoriasis artropatiya; - - autoimmune hepatitis; bronchial asthma; medicinal and food allergy; - post - radiation neurosomatic polipatiya, etc. Haemo sorbent granulated deligandiziruyushchy (GSGD) - the synthetic carbon haemo sorbent of the third generation combining usual properties of high - porous active coals with ability effectively to delete protein - the connected substances and toxins. Has the increased capacity concerning not conjugated bilirubin, free fatty acids, bile acids, phenols, mercaptans, and also a number of the uraemic and burn metabolites blocking transport function of serum albumin and erythrocytic membranes. Use of haemo sorbent of GSGD allows to gain qualitatively new therapeutic effects connected with deep purification of proteins and cellular membranes of blood. Haemo sorbents of GSGD are intended for therapy of the diseases caused by hit from the outside or excess accumulation in organism of own squirrels - and membranes - the connected toxins and metabolites. Treat such diseases: - sharp and chronic liver failure; - sharp and chronic renal failure; - burn toxaemia; - sepsis; - peritonitis; - sharp and chronic radiation sickness; - poisonings with some poisons and medicines, etc.
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Haemo sorbents coal
Haemo sorbents coal
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