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Buy H7. Ecodetergent with probiotics from mold and fungus Nova Sfera
H7. Ecodetergent with probiotics from mold and fungus Nova Sfera

H7. Ecodetergent with probiotics from mold and fungus Nova Sfera

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandNova Sphera (Нова Сфера)
  • Country of manufactureBelgium

Concentrate. Will precisely relieve you of the MOULD complete with H1, H2, Z1.

Volume is 250 ml. 314 UAH, 100 ml - 152 UAH. 

The concentrate of H7 does not possess washing activity and is applied only in the diluted look! Use of concentration over 10% is inexpedient!

H7 — Detergent of new generation on the basis of pro-biotic cultures for maintenance of hygienic purity in toilet rooms and rooms with excess humidity (bathroom, bath, sauna, the pool, cellar …).

The concentrated means for daily care of bathroom and toilet allowing to maintain purity, to disinfect and block any off-flavors at the microlevel.

Deeply gets into structure of the processed surface, forcing out pathogenic microflora and fungus from surface depth. It is irreplaceable at fight against mold. Is ideally suited for septic tanks and country toilets, perfectly is suitable for washing of cat's trays and cages of animals.

Effectively destroys off-flavors and blocks their emergence at regular application. Recovers natural balance of microflora, oppresses pathogenic microflora including: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida rubrum, Enterococcus, Salmonella and mold. Possesses the powerful drying action and, at regular use, the long period of after-effect.

Preparation of working solutions

IMPORTANT! Mixing of H7 solution with chemical detergents and disinfectants and their joint use is not allowed.

1. Before dilution it is OBLIGATORY to SHAKE UP concentrate of H7.

2. To pour in capacity warm water (40-45os), then to add H7 concentrate. Concentration of working solution and ratio when mixing are specified further.

3. Cultivation of concentrate in water higher than temperature 50 C is not allowed.

Rules of use of the prepared working H7 solution.

1. For the maximum effect use rag and mop from microfiber.

2. Not to apply along with antiseptic agents and disinfectants! Add concentrate to water.

3. For receiving the best result to leave the prepared solution on 1 - 1,5 hour to receive the maximum concentration of pro-biotic bacteria. To use solution within 72 hours.

4. It is recommended to use H2 for deep primary cleaning. Universal cleaner for bathroom equipment and/or H3. Universal separator of limy deposits.

5. For the first week of cleaning of rooms it is recommended to use 5 - 10% H7 solution.

6. Apply 2-3% to the subsequent cleaning H7 solution depending on extent of pollution.

7. For regular cleaning: to prepare working H7 solution, to apply on surface by means of sponge or the mechanical trigger (sprayer), to leave for influence for 2-5 minutes, in case of strong pollution to rub sponge or brush, to collect the separated dirt then to wash away water. If necessary to wipe dry.

8. For achievement of the maximum effect to sustain the prepared solution at the room temperature of 30 - 40 minutes. Ready solution can be used within 72 hours

9. Off-flavors (the smoked room, cages of animals and so forth) — 0,5-1% to prepare solution in 30-40 minutes prior to application, it is possible to use solution within 3 days. By means of the sprayer it is plentiful to spray on walls, floor, ceiling and directly on smell source. To apply daily within week, then at least the 3rd weekly.

10. Fight against mold — we carry out in 3 steps.

- We separate visible manifestations of mold of 5-10% H1 solution. Universal separator of organic pollution. We process intertiled seams especially carefully by means of scrubbing brush. We collect the separated pollution by napkin from microfiber.

- We apply on problem sites 30% H2 solution on horizontal surfaces (floor) or H2 on vertical (walls). We process brush. We leave for influence for 5-10 min. We collect the separated mold by napkin.

- 2%-5% H7 solution (to prepare solution in advance, for achievement of the maximum effect — in 10-12 hours) to process problem sites by means of the sprayer.

- Within 2 weeks to carry out processing daily, then 2-3 times a week. At observance of technology pro-biotic cultures completely control the territory, without allowing mold to breed. In case of impossibility to technically carry out the first and second stages, we carry regularly out processing (the 3rd stage). In this case the visible effect will come not earlier, than in one and a half-two months.

11. H7 is safe product, protection for hands and breath is not required.

12. Hit of dirt and water in capacity with H7 concentrate is not allowed.

13. Shelf-life of the prepared working solution no more than 5 days.

Not to apply along with other chemical means, antiseptic agents and disinfectants!
Well stir up bottle with concentrate before use.
Water temperature has to be about 40 degrees. 

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H7. Ecodetergent with probiotics from mold and fungus Nova Sfera
H7. Ecodetergent with probiotics from mold and fungus Nova Sfera
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