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The gun PTs-84 - the piston single shot self-platoon replacement tool. The expansion bolt shield nails in the designs made of concrete, low-carbonaceous steel and in a bricklaying is intended for clogging steel. By means of the gun it is possible to make: - fixed fastening by "adjustment fire" the expansion bolt shield nails; - removable fastening on the expansion bolt shield screws. During the work with the gun are used the expansion bolt shield nail with a diameter of washer of 12 mm and up to 80 mm long, and also the expansion bolt shield screws with a carving of M6 and M8. The blocking provided by a gun design exclude a possibility of a casual shot.

Gun assembly PTs-84

5900-00 UAH.

The expansion bolt shield nail is intended for installation of metal and wooden building constructions to the concrete or brick bases by means of the assembly gun PTs-84.

Application the expansion bolt shield nails provides performance of one-piece connection when it punches the fixed detail, takes root into a body of the basis and keeps in it.

Before adjustment fire in a steel structure it is necessary to be convinced that the hardness of the expansion bolt shield is more than the hardness of the basis. Check is carried out by a kerneniye - single blow of the hammer to the expansion bolt shield which edge is established to a fixing design or the metal basis. When flattening an edge of the expansion bolt shield - adjustment fire is forbidden. As a result of a shot the hat (head) of the expansion bolt shield densely presses the fixed design (detail) to the basis and provides strong one-piece connection of static designs. It is strictly forbidden to use the expansion bolt shield nail to fastening of the mechanisms and the equipment which are exposed to vibration and (or) dynamic loadings.
Expansion bolt shield nail
Diamet / it is long

The price is over 1 kg

4,5*30 48-00 UAH.
Cartridges for the piston assembly gun PTs-84 are classified by caliber and power in Joules.

The table of correspondences of brand of the boss of its power is given below

Name Marking

Power (J)

To 4 red 0-58 UAH.
D 1 white 0-58 UAH.
D 2 yellow 0-58 UAH.
D 3 blue 0-58 UAH.
D 4 red 0-58 UAH.
Reliable fastening of the punched detail (design) to the concrete or brick basis is reached by the correct combination the expansion bolt shield nails of various length and assembly cartridges of different power.
Cartridges are assembly
Boss's brand

The price is over 1 pieces.

D 2 0-58 UAH.
D 3
D 4

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Guns are assembly
Guns are assembly
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