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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Plastic processedPolyvinylchloride
  • Shaft materialMetal
  • шлифовка валковшлифовка валков

 Nearby rolls calender always rotate in opposite directions (one clockwise, the other anti -clockwise). With the passage of the rubber composition between calender rolls they are subjected to slight sagging, so the cylindrical surface of the roll sheet of the rubber mixture exiting from the calender, it is somewhat thicker in the middle than at the edges. To sheet obtained uniform thickness, the rollers of the calender undergo during manufacture special grinding so that the diameter of the middle portion of the roll was a few tenths of a millimeter larger than the diameter of the roll at its edges.

 Release rubberized cord uniform thickness over the whole width thereof is achieved by improving the design of calenders , polishing rolls to the outside of the mirror surface , camber rolls , ensuring uniform power calender rubber mixture and a uniform velocity cord coating. 

    When working rolls calenders wear. Worn rollers reface ily pereshlifovyvayutsya. At each resharpening with the working surface of the roll is removed layer thickness of 0.5 to 5 mm, and when re-shlifovke- layer 0.01 to 0.5 mm. When the roll diameter is reduced to a certain limit , it is out of use, or restored by welding. 

    Grinding and camber of the rolls are produced on special machines . Since at the same calender may execute various operations ( sheeting rubber mixture and lining promazka tissues rubber mixture), the establishment of accurate crown sizes in the middle of the working portion of the roll is extremely difficult.

     The rubber content in the composition for the filaments is 90-92%. Bey's work on the preparation of the mixture and its treatment on the calender requires exceptional attention. Milling ingredients should be the most subtle sift very carefully. Particular attention should be exerted when mixing rubber with ingredientami- necessary to achieve uniform distribution of the accelerator and sulfur in the mixture. Adhesion to rubber accelerator distribution is difficult and leads to inhomogeneity of the filaments . This behavior characteristic accelerators during mixing with the rubber is not so dramatically affects in conventional rubber , but quite noticeable in the production of thin sheets of low-filled mixtures. Calendering plates produced on pyativalkovom calender with the rolls nice and fine grinding. To eliminate air bubbles, and compliance with the required thickness plate yarn large caliber should be duplicated. Calendered sheets are rolled on drums vulcanization using a lining cloth and vulcanized in boilers in the steam environment. 

    Camber. To compensate for deflection of the rolls and receiving sheets rubber mixture of equal thickness on the entire width of the sheet in some rolls of the calender while polishing the work surface give little bulge (barrel) or concavity. The process of giving the work of the roll barrel and the concave shape is called the camber. Camber rolls made naf petsialnyx grinders . Size camber rolls - the difference between the diameters of the middle and at the ends of the roll - usually low and rarely exceeds 0.3 to 0.4 mm and 0.1 mm convex to concave rolls. Size camber of the rolls depends on the properties of the material being processed, the type of operation , operating mode.


  To eliminate the harmful influence of the elastic of dish and receive sheets rubber composition of uniform thickness over the whole of their width, some of the rolls of the calender while polishing the work surface give little bulge - bochkoobraz-ness. 

    In the course of work rolls bend , the gap between them increases toward the center, which is unacceptable in obtaining thin films . To compensate for roll deflection sometimes used the installation of rollers, often - camber rolls , crossing and kontrizgib rolls. Bombirovannye rolls used in calenders for processing materials with stringent tolerances for gage sheet width . The amount of camber is obgchsno 0,075- 0.15 mm. In modern designs , this method is combined with the adjustment of the gap by crossing or kontrizgiba. High demands are made to the cleanliness of the working surface of the roll because the product after the calender is usually not processed, in addition to grinding rolls also polirztot.


Round grinding rolls - up to 1000 mm diameter and length of the working part of the barrel to 3500mm overall length of 5000mm for tsentrahdo.

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