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Green coffee with Green Ginger ginger - the ORIGINAL

Green coffee with Green Ginger ginger - the ORIGINAL

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandPrince of Peace
  • Country of manufactureUnited States

Ginger is a result!

  • Burns and blocks fat
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Stimulates a thyroid gland

Than green coffee is useful?

  • Natural product
  • High content of hlorogenovy (fat-burning) acid
  • Accelerates a metabolism
  • Possesses anti-cellulite action

How quickly to grow thin?

  • Course for 2-4 weeks (one packing)
  • To make within 30 minutes
  • To drink to food

Green coffee with ginger is the certified product which made the real revolution in the field of correction of a figure.
Slim figure program

To - 81 kg After - 73 kg

  • To dump 4-8 kg
  • To fix weight

One packing: for 14-18 days. - 250 UAH.


Weight loss program

To - 67 kg After - 53 kg

  • To dump 6-14 kg
  • To tighten a figure
  • To fix weight

Two packings: 500 UAH.


program of "Full course"

To - 93 kgposl - 72 kg

  • To dump 15-25 kg
  • To clean extensions
  • To tighten a figure
  • To fix weight

Four packings at the price of the 3rd. The action lasts till 31.10.2013!


With green coffee all grow thin!

Green coffee with ginger needs to be made only! Green coffee creates necessary conditions for depreciation of sugar that causes effect of use of fatty stocks of an organism. Acceleration of a metabolism which stimulates ginger leads to loss of extra kilos. It brings toxins, cholesterol and water out of an organism that is one of the most important conditions of weight loss.
Green coffee, as well as ginger is two most powerful zhiroszhigatel. The combination of a gingerol and hlorogenovy acid does them, perhaps, by the most powerful natural zhiroszhigatel.

The effect which is reached for several weeks is proved laboratory!

Svetlana Kazanskaya, the doctor-nutritionist from Moscow:

"It is important to understand that green coffee is only the usual not fried coffee, and in itself it cannot give that it is necessary for you.

"Green Ginger" is a drink which combines all useful properties of green coffee, and in combination with extract of ginger allows to dump to 24 kg in 4 weeks!"

The product is not dietary supplement and passed certification in the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan

How to take coffee for weight loss of Green Ginger?

You can try almost any diet with this coffee. Drink a cup in the morning, till a breakfast. Give yourself 30 minutes on household chores and collecting, and only then eat something easy, proteinaceous. The ideal breakfast for weight loss with coffee is a proteinaceous omelet, cottage cheese or yogurt with cottage cheese. Try not to add sugar, help the organism with fight against appetite. And here greens and unsweetened fruit are only welcomed. The grapefruit half will only strengthen effect of green coffee, and will give you necessary vitamins and cellulose. Closer by a lunch drink a glass of water, it will help your gastrointestinal tract to be purified in the natural way, and will strengthen effect of ginger. Try to replace several times a week a habitual lunch with a combination of sea fish and vegetables, you are able to afford also dishes of Japanese cuisine, but with a minimum of the "European" ingredients like breading, and cream cheese. Before a dinner, a watch in five, drink Green Ginger cup of coffee. It will help you to spend evening actively. Have supper not too late, give preference to cottage cheese, fish, low-fat meat, vegetables and a small portion of useful cereals. And in an hour after a dinner go to a small foot walk in the fresh air, or be engaged in house exercises for weight loss under video. A little movement will only strengthen effect of reception of coffee, and you will be able to get rid of excess weight quicker. If you do not want to change strongly a habitual diet, it is possible to try in combination with coffee a so-called diet 5/2. Five days a week eat as usual, try not to overeat and, of course, indulge yourself green coffee. And couple of days in a week limit a diet to cottage cheese for breakfast, easy vegetable soup for lunch, and portion of vegetables with chicken breast for dinner. So you will be able to reduce diet caloric content without special changes in lifestyle and to grow thin. And still green coffee perfectly helps all who adhere to system 8-16. Within 8 hours eat healthy food, trying not to overeat, and 16 hours a day have a rest of meals, without forgetting about morning and evening coffee. This way is perfectly combined with morning fat-burning trainings, and can be recommended to those who is engaged in fitness long ago and faced a plateau.

Whether is at contraindication drink? Of course, them any product is not deprived. It is not necessary to take coffee to pregnant women and nursing mothers, hypertensive persons, sick VSD on hypertensive type. In case of impassability of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways it is necessary to consult with the attending physician. Drink useful drinks, eat healthy food, move more, and you surely will become not just harmonous, but also happy.

Cut the hair swindlers!!

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Green coffee with Green Ginger ginger - the ORIGINAL
Green coffee with Green Ginger ginger - the ORIGINAL
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