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Grain and flour of a sorghum

Grain and flour of a sorghum

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  • BrandАспарагус
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Expiration date2 of the year

Grain and flour of a sorghum Asparagus

Grain polished, grain chipped and the flour made from a sorghum which does not contain gluten and is a dietary product.


- not to m_stit gluten - allergen for hvory on tsel_ak_yu;

- ma є visokiya vm_st b_lk_v і vuglevod_v, v_dpov_dno - to a visok to an energetichn that to a pozhivn ts_nn_st;

- to m_stit nadzvichayno a velika k_lk_st antioksidant_v (in 12 raz_v to a b_lsha, n_zh at chornitsa і);

- it is rich on kal_y, magn_y, phosphorus, zinc, yak_ korisn_ for zdorov'ya sertsya, vessels that nervovo ї to system;

- ma є znachniya vm_st b_lshost_ v_tam_n_v grup In, yak_ pokrashchuyut to the robot nervovo ї to system, funkts і ї head to a mozk, stimulyuyut synthesis to a gemoglob_n, spriyayut regulyuvannyu r_vnya a tsukra in a shelter і, well vplivayut on an eye s_tk_vka that є I prof_laktikoit v_kovy zm_n organ_v to Szohr;

- є dzherely a foul і є in ї acid, a yak of a zakhishch є v_d cancer tovsto ї that directly ї guts, and takozh cancer dairy ї zaloz that is recommended for a p_dtrimka _munno ї to system, zapob_gannya any і ї, a rozvitka krovonosno ї that nervovo ї systems, especially korisno for maybutn_kh that goduyuchy mothers;

- vzhivannya bezglyutenovy produkt_v, a zokrema, sorgovo ї to grain that virob_v z a sorgovy boroshn especially korisno for pokrashchennya f_zichny і psikholog_chny zdorov'ya, a dopomaga є p_dvishchit kontsentrats_yu uvag and є a charge energ і ї that to a zmensh є v_dchuttya vtom.

- sorgov_ a product є d і є tichny, that are recommended at zakhvoryuvannyakh shlunkovo-kishkovy to a path, shk_r, slizovy an obolonok, nervovy dissonances, p_dvishcheny r_vn_ to cholesterol, and takozh to d_abetika, d_tyam, to people pokhily a v_ka that vs_m, hto by dBA є about svo є zdorov'ya.

- Pozhivna (harchova) ts_nn_st that kalor_yn_st on 100 g to a product:

Pokaznik On 100 g
Kalor_yn_st (energetichna ts_nn_st), kcal 357,5
B_lki, 9,2
Breadth, 1,8
Vuglevodi, 76,2

- Prirodny vm_st v_tam_n_v that m_neral_v:

M_kro-that makroyelementny warehouse On 100 g
V_tam_n With, % mg 0,5
V_tam_n E (tokoferol_v), % mg 0,8
V_tam_n B2 (riboflav_v), % mg 0,12
V_tam_n of RR (nikotinam_da), % mg 4,4
Phosphorus, % mg 247,8
Kal_y, mg/kg 2367
Zinc, mg/kg 9,3
Zal_zo, mg/kg 23,2
Magn_y, mg/kg 489,5
Kalts_y, mg/kg 223,0

Rozdr_b: grain of a shl_fovan that kolota, boroshno to the rozfasovena on 0,5kg.
Wholesale: grain of a shl_fovan that kolota of a rozfasovan on 25 kg.
M_n_malna part_ya v_d one ї packings.
It is maximum part_ya v_d 30 tone on m_syats.
Lines zber_gannya:
Grain - 2 fates
Flour - 1r_k
TU U 10.6-40031186-001:2016:

The main properties of PRODUCTS WITH the SORGHUM:

does not contain gluten - allergen for patients with a tseliakiya;

has the high content of proteins and carbohydrates, respectively - high power and nutritional value;

contains extremely large amount of antioxidants (in 12 times more, than in bilberry)

rich with potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc which are useful to health of heart, vessels and nervous system;

has the considerable content of the majority of vitamins of group B which improve work of nervous system, functions of a brain, stimulate hemoglobin synthesis, promote regulation of level of sugar in blood, well influence a retina of an eye and is prevention of age changes of organs of vision;

is a source of folic acid which protects from cancer thick and a rectum, and also a breast cancer and it is recommended for support of immune system, prevention of anemia, development of blood and nervous systems, it is especially useful for future and feeding mothers;

the use bezglyutenovy products, in particular, of a sorghum of grain and products from sorgovy torments is especially useful for improvement of physical and psychological health, helps to increase concentration of attention, gives a charge of energy and reduces feeling of fatigue.

sorghum products are dietary and are recommended at diseases of a digestive tract, skin, mucous membranes, nervous breakdowns, the increased cholesterol level, and also to diabetics, children, elderly people and all who care for the health.

The nutritional (food) value and caloric content on 100 g of a product:

It is indicative 100 g

Caloric content (power value), kkal357,5

Proteins, g9,2

Fats, g1,8


Natural content of vitamins and minerals:

Micro and macroelement sostavna of 100 g

Vitamin C, mg%0,5

Vitamin E (tocopherol), mg%0,8

B2 vitamin (riboflaviv), mg%0,12

RR vitamin (nikotinamida), mg%4,4

Phosphorus, mg%247,8

Potassium, mg / kg2367

Zinc, mg / kg9,3

Iron, mg / kg23,2

Magnesium, mg / kg489,5

Calcium, mg / kg223,0

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Grain and flour of a sorghum
Grain and flour of a sorghum
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