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Goose down of 70-90%

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Qualitative Down goose and duck for reasonable price, which elasticity FP 500-800+.
Volumes depend on the customer (7000-10000t. in a month)
Also we can provide the following services: Washing, drying 150C (down feather).

We work p about the whole world

The technology of processing of raw materials is defined by a type of a feather and its subsequent use. At the direction of raw materials on production of forages the main objective — to prevent its mikrobialny damage, and after receiving before processing there have to pass no more than 12 hours. When using on a feather - down products subject raw materials to the corresponding processing.

The technology of processing a feather - the down raw materials received from geese consists of the following processes:

— Collecting plumage;
— Sink;
— Rinsing;
— Mechanical dehydration;
— Drying;
— Cooling;
— Sorting;
— Packing.

The essence of a sink consists in separation of the polluted particles from a feather surface, the translation of the water insoluble polluting particles (fat, mineral and proteinaceous pollution) in the washing solution, deduction of floating particles of pollution in the washing solution and elimination of a possibility of their repeated sedimentation on a feather surface.

At first load detergent into a tank, then fill in with the corresponding amount of water (usually prepare 10 and 20% solutions of detergent), carrying out solution circulation to provide full dissolution of detergent. The best domestic detergents are pastelike "sintamid-5", "News", "Fleece". They possess the strong washing and antistatic action. For giving of the best trade dress to raw materials, it is bleached. As the bleaching means at a sink use margantsevokisly potassium. Use of 30% solution of peroxide of hydrogen is allowed.
After a sink moisture content in a feather reaches 100%. For decrease in a share of moisture in a feather before its drying carry out mechanical dehydration. For these purposes broad application was found by three-cranked centrifuges of various types, for example, the upgraded TsPM-50M centrifuge.

The wet feather is displayed evenly on diameter of the centrifuge. After centrifugation the feather is taken out and moves on a table for drying of a feather, dry a feather in the special dryer which represents metalliche-

The cylindrical case with the steam shirt thermoisolated penolasty outside. In the case the mixer with blades is located.

The feather is dried at the air temperature of 80 °C and vapor pressure in a shirt. Upon termination of drying the hot feather is blown by an air stream in a mesh drum. The air which is soaked up from the room of the shop passes through the surface of the cylinder, cools a feather and sucks away fine dust.

It is necessary to pay special attention to respect for technology of drying and cooling of a feather. Its violation — one of the raw materials decline in quality reasons. Duration of storage of a wet feather before drying should not exceed 3 hours. Increase in duration of drying because of the low air temperature and weak circulation, a feather peresushivaniye to 5-8%, packing in a hot state — here the major factors causing decrease in durability of raw materials, core changes, a separation of small beards and other defects.

After cooling and a pyleochistka the feather comes to a feeder store of the single-chamber sorting car. Raw materials are sorted by the specific mass of a feather and down in the stream of the ascending air created by the sorting fan.

Extent of sorting of mix is established on the air stream speed which is regulated, changing position of the rotary gate of the fan.

Principle of operation of this machine continuously cylindrical. Each cycle consists of loading, sorting and unloading.

The volume of loading is determined by operating time of the conveyor giving a feather. Time is determined on a timer within 1-2 minutes.

Sorting begins along with loading and continues after its termination 2-5 minutes. Duration of sorting is defined by quality a feather - down raw materials. Upon termination of sorting include unloading, and the feather comes to cameras for casing. The feather which is dried up, cooled, packed in the pressed look is stored in the dry, well ventilated room at a temperature not above 16 °C. Raw materials moisture content, put on storage, should not exceed 12%.

Storage of pukho-feather raw materials and products. Warehouse for storage a feather - down raw materials have to meet two main requirements: to keep quantity and quality of a feather and to provide bystry unloading and loading of a warehouse. At the choice of the room for a warehouse of a feather or its construction it is necessary to proceed from quality of a feather and terms of its storage. It is expedient to store a bed and decorative feather in the enclosed space, invaluable peryevy raw materials for production of forages and fertilizers can be stored in simpler constructions, designs without side walls with a tubular framework or constructions in the form of canopies are suitable. Invaluable peryevy raw materials at short-term storage (within several months) can be stored under tarpaulin in the open air. The pile of a feather is put on a wooden lattice which is on supports about 50 cm high that provides ventilation from below. High-quality the feather - down raw materials is necessary for storage such warehouse in which isolation and ventilation would provide the optimum temperature and the set relative humidity. To raw a feather - down the minimum requirements only at long storage are imposed on raw materials at storage. Half of the warehouse can be from a tree, concrete or a brick. Walls have to be smooth and dry in order that they could be cleaned and bleached easily lime. It is important to provide the corresponding isolation of the room of a warehouse for protection of raw materials against moisture.

At long storage bales with a feather cannot be stored directly on a floor. They are placed on wooden supports 100-150 mm high. Support of supports can be made of a tree and concrete, but for top it is the best of all to use boards: metal and concrete colder therefore often moisture which is absorbed through bale bags by a feather - down raw materials is emitted for them, and can arise an efflorescence, and rotting will begin later. The support under a bale provides ventilation. Width of a support has to correspond to the full width of the packaged bags. For injury prevention elements of supports have to be fastened, the covering from boards has to have such thickness that they did not break. At the increased temperature and humidity of air in the warehouse the favorable environment for development of microorganisms is formed.

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