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Glue/sealant for akvar. SILIRUB AQ of transparent 400 ml – TOV "Fastener Haus" |
Buy Glue/sealant for akvar. SILIRUB AQ of transparent 400 ml
Glue/sealant for akvar. SILIRUB AQ of transparent 400 ml

Glue/sealant for akvar. SILIRUB AQ of transparent 400 ml

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Ukraine, Dnipro
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Article of goods 000020000000063014
Material silicone
Product line Professional
Scope for glass designs
Your tool gun (600 ml)
Model (brand) SILIRUB AQ
Color transparent
Place of application outside of the room
For what material? on metal, on glass
Installation temperature from +1 to +25 °C
Capacity (volume, size) 400 ml
Standard (group) 00002
Packing 1 [is unavailable]
Min. order 1

Sealants, silicones, assembly tapes belong to the category of construction materials and serve for a waterproofing, sealing or pasting of elements of a design. Production of each category from the leading global manufacturer of foams, glues, sealants is widely presented in the catalog of FASTENER HAUS.

Viscous composition as a part of which polymers, oligomer contain the name received sealant, its price is acceptable for each client. By sight it is pastelike material which should be applied on various connecting seams of a design. Sealing results from hardening of polymers or evaporation of the dissolving component in places of a joint. Having examined classification by composition of sealant, you buy a product which will provide the most effective solution of problems at repair or construction:

  • sealants on the basis of silicone. They not only are steady against difference of temperatures, but also perfectly cope with adverse effect of moisture. When using silicones the elastic seam possessing a waterproofing turns out. At your choice colourless, white, color coloring are presented. Silicones also share on universal, sanitary, neutral, elastic, high-temperature. Also they are classified on unicomponent (harden at the expense of air moisture) and two-component (are cured thanks to the catalyst). Universality of silicones made them popular among builders and opened ample opportunities in the area: roofing works, window frames, door boxes, pipes, a tile, for aquariums, on objects with high rates of humidity.
  • acrylic sealant wholesale and retail too is present at the assortment of the company. It is characterized by excellent adhesion to all porous construction materials - a brick, concrete, wood, a stone, plasterboard plates. But they are not steady against moisture and have less elastic seam, than in the first type. It is available in white and color option. At desire it can be painted in any color.
  • sealants on the basis of polyurethane. They possess high coefficient of elasticity and can be used in the designs subject to high dynamic loadings.
  • bituminous heat-resistant sealants are used for sealing of ventilation, pipes, a roof and flues.
  • glues-sealants on the basis of SMX polymers. They are called also hybrid mixes since unite in themselves the best properties of other sticking together and pressurizing mixes.
  • tape sealants. Assembly tapes it is widely applied to ventilation, a roof, a bathroom and other objects.

You can choose sealant and buy it under the gun - a cartridge (300/310 ml) or "strip" ("sausage" of 600 ml) or under the pallet - a tube (60 g). We took care that you did not go ungifted away.

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Glue/sealant for akvar. SILIRUB AQ of transparent 400 ml
Glue/sealant for akvar. SILIRUB AQ of transparent 400 ml
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