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The sunflower is tuberiferous, a girasol, an earth pear (Helianthus tuberosus)

People in all corners of the globe extraordinary appreciate a girasol and useful properties which it has.

It has a huge nutrition value. It can serve as excellent alternative to potatoes. By especially valuable does it and the fact that tubers which gather as a result of maturing of a girasol contain much more vitamins, than the same potatoes.

Are a part of a girasol: pectins, sugar, mineral salts (silicon, potassium, iron and zinc), proteins, amino acids and, certainly, set of vitamins.

The girasol contains inulin, substance so necessary that who has diabetes. There are proofs that the regular use of a girasol the long period, reduces sugar level in blood. These properties do it extremely necessary as that who already has diabetes and to those who is subject to this disease and has risk to ache.

Besides advantage for diabetics, useful properties of a girasol exert positive impact on a gastrointestinal tract of the person. It was proved by a set of independent researches and experiments.

Useful properties:

The inulin which is contained in a girasol promotes removal from an organism of many toxic substances. With food and at digestion, the set of ballast substances which inulin connects and eliminates gets into intestines.

Inulin promotes more vigorous activity of a digestive tract and stimulates zhelchegonny activity.

The use of a girasol promotes that the organism becomes steadier against any infections and viruses affecting digestive bodies. Its useful substances do not allow penetration into an organism of various pathogenic bacteria and parasites, such as lyambliya and opistorkhisa, for example. In addition, the girasol promotes education in intestines of normal microflora, creating for this purpose all necessary conditions. Exactly thanks to it it is irreplaceable for those who have dysbacteriosis.

The girasol is useful to mucous membranes as it stimulates their blood supply.

Use as help in treatment of stomach ulcer, duodenum diseases, you duodenit, prick, gastritis, enteritis, pancreatitis, heartburn, at a diarrhea and locks.

The girasol stops vomiting, removes nausea, relieves of heartburn and bitter smack in a mouth, eliminates a pain syndrome and an abdominal distension. If at the use of various medicines to combine their reception with reception of a girasol, then it is possible to cure and eliminate these illnesses for at least 5-7 days earlier.

The girasol helps faster assimilation of selenium in spite of the fact that it is not its part.

The girasol is regularly recommended to be used to people who live in the cities with the bad ecological environment, it helps to bring out of an organism of salt of heavy metals.

Girasol – cocktail from carbohydrates, organic acids, proteins, vitamins and a set of other useful substances.

The girasol is useful at obesity, to immunity stimulation, in prevention and treatment of sharp and chronic infectious diseases, tumors, to recovering of an organism from intoxication, influence of heavy metals, radionuclides, at stressful states, to increase of working capacity and a vitality.

Girasol, getting to an organism, unbars, splits and removes slags, stones, nitrates, salts by fluidifying of a chair what it is not necessary to be afraid of. The metabolism is as a result normalized. Dishes from it are useful at a stress and sleeplessness, at a stroke and tachycardia, at ischemia, a hypertension and a leukosis. Yields good results at an anemia, tuberculosis, pyelonephritis, gastritis and an ulcer with the increased acidity, locks, outwardly at acne rash, dryness and flabbiness of skin.

Application in cosmetology

The rejuvenating mask effectively struggles even with deep wrinkles. 3 tubers of a girasol of the average size carefully to wash up, dry, rub on a small grater and to mix and a half a teaspoon of natural honey. To impose gruel on the cleared face skin for 20 minutes, to wash away cool water. To repeat procedure every other day. The recommended course – 20 masks.

The rejuvenating mask for dry skin effectively moistens skin, does it soft, elastic, smoothes wrinkles. 3 tubers of a girasol of the average size carefully to wash up, dry, rub on a small grater and to mix and a half a teaspoon of olive oil. To impose on face skin, in 20 minutes to wash away warm green tea, then to rinse a face with boiled cool water or to wipe with an ice cube. To repeat every other day. A course – 20 masks.

Juice of a girasol will relieve skin of acne rash and ekzematozny defeats, will eliminate its flabbiness, will accelerate regeneration of epidermis at burns. For this purpose it is necessary to wipe a face with girasol juice (surely freshly cooked) 1-2 once a week in the evening, and in 15 minutes to wash away warm water.

The conditioner for a hard hair will make your hair silky and soft. 4 tablespoons of leaves of a girasol carefully to crush, fill in 1 l of the boiling water, to cover, leave for 40 minutes. Then to filter and rinse with the received infusion hair after each washing of the head. Is suitable for frequent use.

For weight loss

The use of a girasol – the excellent decision for those who seek to lose weight. Weight loss is promoted by 2 components of an earth pear: inulin and food fibers (cellulose).

Inulin – natural analog of insulin – contributes to normalization of a fatty and carbohydrate exchange in an organism. It allows to start process which burns excess fat and fights against extra kilos.

Food fibers which, getting into a stomach, bulk up and are late there a little longer, than other food, create feeling of saturation and reduce appetite. Besides, passing on intestines, cellulose connects up to 30% of excess fats and easily brings them out of an organism.

Plus to everything the earth pear exempts an organism from toxic substances and so-called slags that also promotes decrease in body weight. However as a basis for monofood this product is not used. It is the best of all to use a girasol in apples salads and pears. Diets with an earth pear are very widespread and enjoy wide popularity among women.


At diabetes about 1 tuber or on 100 ml of broth of a girasol three times a day in 15 minutes prior to food is recommended to use. To receive broth, it is necessary to cook 4 tubers of the average size within 20 minutes on slow fire in 250 ml of water.

At anemia, a hypertension, a headache it is necessary to use broth from ripe tubers of an earth pear during the day on 1 liter three times a week.

At diseases of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract about 30 ml (2 tablespoons) three times a day before food (in 15 minutes) are recommended to drink girasol juice.

At cardiovascular and renal diseases it is useful to drink 20 days in a row before food girasol infusion (to fill in 2 tablespoons which are dried up, small cut tubers of 250 ml of boiled water – to insist within 8-10 hours) or to eat daily 2-3 fresh tubers in the raw.

The persons having obesity are recommended to drink three times a day tea from girasol powder (2 tablespoons of powder on 250 ml of boiled water) or in the morning on an empty stomach and to accept 50 ml of juice of an earth pear (surely freshly squeezed) in the evening.

At diseases of joints and a backbone an excellent folk remedy are curative bathtubs from a girasol. To fill in with 1 kg of fresh tubers 8 l of water, to boil and within half an hour to cook on weak fire. To filter broth and to pour out it in a bathtub with water (38-40 ºC). To take a bath of 15 minutes at least a course in 20 days.

It is useful to apply bathtubs from broth of leaves and stalks at osteochondrosis, radiculitis, gout, eczema, acne rash, purulent wounds and skin ulcers, a furunkuleza, bursita and inflammations, after injuries.

The use of crude tubers, broths, salads and addition 3 — 4 young leaves in tea leaves of tea will relieve of consequences of radiation, a heart attack, stroke and other diseases.

From tubers of a girasol prepare broth which traditional medicine recommends to drink 2-3 times a week. On 1-2l waters it is necessary to take 5-7 crude tubers or 3 tablespoons of dry. To drink up to 1 liter pass — it reduces the arterial pressure, content of sugar in blood, raises hemoglobin, well affects work of a pancreas

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