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Breed is created in England (county Hereford) in the first half of the 19th century by method of selection native cattle. Output cattle it was used as working and meat-and-milk. In formation of specialized meat breed the big role was played by outstanding manufacturers of Tomkins. Selection was directed to precocity, ability to give vent high lethal, marble meat. Color in breed was standardized - red with the white head, a pidgrudok, a stomach, legs and a brush of a tail. At such specialization received the early animals subject zhirovidkladen at young age, with rounded shapes of a body, the best grades of meat providing a high exit with a small share of bones.

Hereford are characterized by the strong constitution, unpretentiousness, ability to big transitions, resistance to a number of diseases, good acclimatization.

Breed is widespread in many countries of the world, especially in Canada, the United States of America, Australia, Argentina, etc.

From 1961 for 1970 to Ukraine came 351 heads a telok of gerefordsky breed. In the 70th years in four loud-speakers there were 1839 heads, from them 1524 heads of a uterine livestock.

Now in plemreproduktor and a plempredpriyatiya there are 653 heads, including 242 cows. In paruvalniya of a network use 20 bulls.

Breed animals of two types: small compact Hungarian selection and large (massive) type of the American and Canadian selection.

The live mass of full-age bulls of the Hungarian selection makes 882 kg, cows - 490 kg, a molochnost (at depriving of calfs in 6 months) - 200 kg. Animals of the strong constitution with well expressed meat forms and strong extremities. The pre-lethal mass of bull-calves in 18 months - 509 kg, a lethal exit - 59,3%, an exit of ink - 56,5%, myasnost coefficient - 5,62. Meat gentle, marble.

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Gerefordsky breed
Gerefordsky breed
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