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Generator of Ozone Blaster ozone

Generator of Ozone Blaster ozone

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandActivTek
  • Country of manufactureUnited States
  • Method of disinfectionОзоновый с приминением технолоргии ActivePure

The generator of Ozone Blaster ozone will be effective in any enclosed space where there are unpleasant smells or the polluting substances: a painty smell, ashes, a putrid smell, etc. or it is necessary to disinfect the room. The ozonizer is used for fast, powerful cleaning of smells, fungi, a mold and bacteria. See details below. The device can be used for rendering paid services in clarification of air from unpleasant smells, disinfection of rooms, including basements.

Stirs an unpleasant painty smell or ashes?

You cannot get rid of a mold?

The generator of Ozone Blaster ozone - will solve your problems. When disinfection of the room, cellar is necessary, it is necessary to clean a mold, to destroy bacteria, a mold or just to get rid of strong or old unpleasant smells (including a smell of burning, the fire) the Ozon Blaster device from the American company "activTek" - optimum by efficiency and the tool, convenient in use, which you easily will be able independently to use.

How to use Ozone the Blaster?!

Just place the ozone generator in the available empty seat near a source of problems, connect food, and in several hours air in your room will be effectively cleared and relieved of unpleasant smells.

Attention! For operation of the device inflow of fresh air (for generation from oxygen - ozone) is necessary therefore leave a window open on 2-5 cm, or include forced ventilation, or as a last resort, slightly open an entrance door (on the street).

Attention! Humidity of the room has to be within norm as generation of active oxygen happens by method of cold plasma to use of a high voltage. In rooms with the increased humidity efficiency of ozone to aspire to zero, dry the room before processing!

Ozone Blaster is simple and easy in application. Just include it, adjust the output power of active oxygen (it is usually used on a maximum) and the device begins to work, without demanding from you performance of any other actions!

Examples of use:
Beauty shops
Car washes
Private sector

Application of Ozon Blaster:
Productivity on ozone to 1200 mg/hour that is 3,5 times more, than at Fresh Air, and twice more, than at EAGLE 5000. How it can be used? For a start there is a little theory:

Ozonization — the environmentally friendly technology of cleaning based on ozone gas use — a powerful oxidizer. The ozonizer produces ozone from the oxygen which is contained in atmospheric air. After interaction with the polluting chemical and microbiological substances ozone turns into usual oxygen. It is almost proved that all products of ozonization are more harmless to the person!

Advantages of ozonization:

  • Ozone destroys all known microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, fungi, seaweed, their disputes, tsist of protozoa, etc.
  • Does not exist and cannot arise forms of microbes, steady against ozone.
  • Residual ozone will sterilize a surface.
  • Ozone works very quickly - within seconds.
  • Ozone deletes unpleasant smells and smack.
  • Ozonization does not impact additional relishes and smells.
  • Ozone does not form toxic by-products.
  • Residual ozone quickly turns into oxygen.
  • Ozone destroys microorganisms 300-3000 times faster, than any other disinfectors.

For this reason ozonization is widely used for processing of rooms, and the generator of active oxygen Ozone the Blaster is in great demand.

"Ozone Blaster" except that is much more powerful than other devices, also has the following advantages:

  • it has only one block - the ozonation block. So, the risk of an exit of the device is out of operation minimized.
  • practically does not demand service, settings (we always use on a maximum).
  • there are no replaceable blocks
  • there is a handle by means of which it is easy to transfer the device.
  • well and of course, the price, on ozonizers of other producers, it is not high.

Here only a few scopes of Ozon Blaster:

  1. Beauty shops. Now SES, all hairdressing salons, beauty shops obliges, to normalize quality of air, according to the requirement the SanPiN "Hairdressing salons. Sanitary and epidemiologic requirements to the device, equipment and contents". With the help Ozone of the Blaster can be deleted effectively pollution from air and on surfaces.
  2. Car washes. To much it is known, a problem with smells (for example, tobacco) in inside of the car. At the same time smells cannot be removed by means of usual means of processing. Some car washes already mastered "Ozon Blaster" and organized service in elimination of smells from the car. At the same time it is easy to calculate an economic justification of purchase of the device. If to consider for the minimum cost of service, at least 300-500 rub and to do processing of 3-5 cars in day, then the payback period of the device makes only two weeks! Here the main thing to organize a flow of clients with what car washes, have no problems.
  3. Transport companies, the enterprises who has on "balance" "autorefrigerators". Every time before flight, such refrigerators it is necessary to process and remove smells from "last" flight. Because of it transport stands idle about 3 days. What is naturally reflected in profit. Thanks to the accelerated processing, by means of "Ozone Blaster", simple it is possible to reduce to days! Proceeding from the cost of day work of such transport, the device can pay off for the minimum terms, and can even in 1 day.
  4. Refrigerators, deep freezes, a vegetable - granaries. Question to the head. By what sum it is possible to increase profit of the enterprise if production ceases to spoil, so to go for emission or to demand additional processing (processing)? Here it is possible not to speak about payback periods, having received the answer to the above-named question. Ozone the Blaster is irreplaceable in such questions.
  5. Private sector. Processing of apartments by means of Ozone Blaster, from various smells: tobacco, ashes, fire, paint, etc.
  6. Hotels. The problem with the smoking lodgers is widespread in spite of the fact that now numbers divided on "for smokers" and is not present. I do not think that it is pleasant to whom to check in smoked to it. Therefore Ozone the Blaster can quickly (in 15-30 min.) to solve this problem. Besides, each hotel has conference rooms, refrigerators, cafe, restaurants, etc. And many other things...


Name: Ozone Blaster (Ozon Blaster, Ozone Blaster, Ozone Blaster Adjustable)
Producer: activTek Environmental (USA)
Appointment: ozone generation (active oxygen, O3).
Application: disinfection of rooms. Is not the air purifier.
Network: 220B, 50 Hz.
Power consumption: to 30 W.
Ozone plates: two, washing, replaceable.
Case: aluminum with the handle (it is convenient to transfer).
Technology: generation of active oxygen
Productivity of active oxygen: 0-1200 mg/h (are regulated)
Area of action: to 300 sq.m.
Sizes: 290x150x190 mm.
Weight: 6 kg (with packing).

Dear buyers of production of ActivTek.
Be careful upon purchase of systems of cleaning not to become the victims of acquisition of the low-quality goods made in China. Fakes can attract you with low price in comparison with original systems from the ActivTek company (production of the USA), but at the same time in case of problems, you should solve them only.
We are a regional dealer of the Live Air company which, in turn, is the official representative of the ActivTek trademark in the territory of the CIS and we carry out deliveries directly from the USA. Therefore, we are responsible for quality, reliability and correct work as each device has serial number that confirms its production in the country manufacturer, but not counterfeit goods of poor quality.

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Generator of Ozone Blaster ozone
Generator of Ozone Blaster ozone
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