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Gel varnish of 8 ml of Kodi "Moonlight" tone 752 – KODI professional, ChP |
Buy Gel varnish of 8 ml of Kodi "Moonlight" tone 752
Gel varnish of 8 ml of Kodi "Moonlight" tone 752

Gel varnish of 8 ml of Kodi "Moonlight" tone 752

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandKodi Professional
  • Country of manufactureUnited States
  • цветтемный лазурно синий
  • эффекткошачий глаз

Gel varnish of 8 ml of Kodi "Moonlight" tone 752

Gel nail varnish - the best choice for ideal manicure

Gel nail varnish is a unique combination of all best qualities taken from gels and varnishes. Its main advantage is firmness - gel a varnish will be keep on nails without any visible damages and loss of brightness of color up to two weeks. Buying gel nail varnish, you by all means will avoid such unpleasant defects of manicure as rolling, flaking, emergence of cracks, the long period of drying and fading.

It is very simple to buy qualitative gel a varnish in - to visit our online store enough and to choose for itself a suitable shade from a polichromatic palette. Gel varnishes which you can get in Kodi professional shop are suitable for creation of smart manicure and a pedicure. It is possible to use them as a one-color covering or for creation of original gel design.

Main advantages gel of a varnish "Kodi professional"

At first sight manicure gel a varnish differs in nothing from the manicure executed by a usual varnish. But it only externally. Thanks to a combination of qualities and properties which are inherent in gel and a varnish separately gel the varnish creates a covering, stronger and steady against external factors, for nails. Also it well influences the state of health of nails. Gel a varnish promotes strengthening of nails, does them beautiful and healthy, allows them to breathe.

Use gel of a varnish which you can buy for reasonable price in Kodi professional online store as a covering for nails promotes that the nail becomes flexible and strong, breaks less. the varnish gel has instant action. With it it is not necessary to you any more it is long to hold down the movements, not movably to sit and wait when the varnish dries.

Gel of varnishes "Kodi professional" is also big advantage their hypoallergenicity. In their structure there are no such harmful components as formaldehydes or toluola therefore they do not cause emergence of an allergy. It is necessary to mention advantages of gel nail extension before acrylic. Gel building promotes improvement of a form of the native nail plate.

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Gel varnish of 8 ml of Kodi "Moonlight" tone 752
Gel varnish of 8 ml of Kodi "Moonlight" tone 752
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