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Functional Flavored L-Carnitine additive (powder)

Functional Flavored L-Carnitine additive (powder)

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  • ManufacturerBePerfect Nutrition
  • BrandBePerfect Nutrition
  • Country of manufactureUzbekistan
  • Weight100 g

Flavored L-Carnitine is the functional additive containing the vitaminopodobny natural substance L-carnitine (L-carnitine, a left carnitine) which performs a number of important functions in an organism is the conveyor of fatty tissue in a mitochondrion of muscles where at aerobic loadings this fatty tissue turns into energy that is especially irreplaceable at weight loss and work on a relief.


The L-carnitine in itself in a quantity is synthesized in our organism with obligatory participation of a number of micronutrients from food. Its additional reception in the form of sports Flavored L-Carnitine additive is necessary in the cases demanding to make loss of fatty tissue in response to load of more intensive.

At a set of weight the L-carnitine can also be accepted for the purpose of prevention of a zhiroobrazovaniye, accepting it with a protein or a geyner.

Flavored L-Carnitine has detoksikatsionny, anti-hypoxemic, antitireoidny and antioxidant properties, stimulates regeneration of fabrics, positively influences cerebration and mood, increases motivation, resistance to stress, adaptation opportunities of an organism and its general endurance, reduces cholesterol, protects heart and vessels.

Flavored L-Carnitine additive from the range of "BePerfect Nutrition" - the best help during the work on weight reduction and formation of a relief, and also for prevention of set of fat during growth of muscle bulk.


On 100-150 ml. water to add 1 portion (one measured spoon, 3 grams) of Flavored L-Carnitine.

In days of trainings accept in 20-30 minutes prior to a training, for strengthening of effect it is possible to add one more reception before a breakfast.

In not training days 1-2 times a day in 15 minutes prior to meal.


  • It is inefficient to exceed a dosage as for the physiological reasons surplus of a L-carnitine is brought out of an organism.
  • For achievement of the maximum effect, the L-carnitine has to be applied together with competent food and trainings
  • At weight loss the L-carnitine strengthens action of zhiroszhigatel, and reduces the frequency of side effects from them.
L-carnitine, fragrance natural or identical natural, sweetener, dye food  

For one portion (3 grams, at a measured spoon):

Proteins 0
Carbohydrates 0
Fats 0
Calories 0
L-carnitine 2850 mg
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Functional Flavored L-Carnitine additive (powder)
Functional Flavored L-Carnitine additive (powder)
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