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Full - fat soy is the product received as a result of processing of soybean without department of oil.

As use of crude soy in diets is limited owing to the maintenance of large amount of antipitatelny substances (inhibitors of trypsin, saponins, gemaglyutamin, etc. ), by production of full - fat soy there are deactivations of the specified factors, first of all inhibitors of proteases and urease, and increase of biological value of soy. It gives the chance to increase the content of proteins as a part of compound feeds.

At the same time in comparison with soy use in a raw state their general nutritiousness increases almost by 20% .

Use of extruded soy in forages of birds.

Full - fat extruded soy is high - calorific, with the high content of protein, universal forage, ideal for all animal species and bird. Possesses high feeding value. It fills shortage of protein and amino acids in food of animals whose shortage is one of basic reasons of their low productivity. It is especially important if to consider that soy protein is cheaper wheat, milk and meat and is more suitable from sanitary and hygienic positions for production of organic meat of animals, milk and eggs.

Use of extruded soy for broilers gives the following advantages:

1. Increase of maintenance of metabolizable energy to 17 MDzh in 1 kg. in dry matter of forage.

2. Effective replacement (for 34 - 41% ) needs for the toasted soy meal on final phase of fattening, with improvement of conversion and operational performance, including without increase in case and deterioration of carcasses.

3. Increase of content of the major, irreplaceable fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic) as a part of carcasses that increases their biological nutrition value for the person.

4. Use of the extruded, fried thoroughly, autoclaved soy in comparison with crude soy, or alternative sources - peas, fodder beans - proves economic feasibility, increasing potential profit on broilers by 30 - 40% , and on poultry from $2, 8 to 13, 6 on compound feed ton.

When feeding young women and layers by full - fat soy it is observed:

1. Improvement of quality of shell and decrease in expense of forages on 1 egg (for 7% ) in comparison with soy meal, increase of productivity of layers (to 4% ). After the relation to sunflower meal these indicators are even higher.

2. Possibility of full ensuring need of bird for linolic acid (soy extrudate - homogeneous oily weight with the content of this acid of 9, 5 - 10, 5% ) that improves exchange processes, keeps fatness and mass of carcasses.

In diets of laying hens 6 - 7% of extrudate for balance of metabolizable energy and linolic acid there are enough. Created on the basis of the BVMD extruded soy for laying hens with norm of input of 8% allows to solve completely diet problems on balance of amino acids, energy, micro and macrocells and to reduce the price of diet for 5 - 12% . The share of extruded soy in loose compound feed has to make no more than 30% . At increase in level of input the granulation is necessary. In feeding of turkeys and other large birds at early stages of their growth (7 - 8 weeks) the safe level of input of extruded soy in forages to 10% , at further stages of development to 20% in the mass of compound feed.

Use of extruded soy in KRS sterns.

Validity of application of extruded forages for KRS is caused by big needs for energy for high - performance cows. As a result of the use of extruded soy the amount of milk increases, there are no losses of weight during the milking period (consumption of 1 kg of extruded soy on gol. / raises days daily yield of milk on 0, 5 kg and fat content for 0, 2% ). Soy extrudate in feeding of adult individuals and young growth improves taste of compound feed that promotes fast accustoming and increase in palatability of forage. Besides, consumption of soy allows to keep in milk the necessary characteristics improving quality of sour cream, cheeses, oils and others.

Use of extruded soy are especially recommended for feeding of young growth, repair cow calves and calfs - otjemyshey. Calfs get used to top - dressing with inclusion of soy extrudate very quickly, and need of use of different substitutes of milk quickly disappears.

Inclusions of extruded soy in feedings of bull - calves eunuchs and bulls of meat breeds which are in power saturated and highly nourishing diets in great need are economically reasonable even small (to 10% ). At the same time high rates of gain, especially at the final stage of fattening when consumption of forages can decrease remain.

Use of extruded soy in feeding of pigs.

Extruded soy due to fine balance of amino acids and irreplaceable fatty acids is the most valuable proteinaceous and power component of compound feeds for all technology groups of pigs. Nutritious and cheap soy forages allow the farms specializing in production of pork to double average daily gain of live mass of animals, and to reduce costs of 1 kg of gain from 9, 3 to 4, 5 feed units. The cost of diets due to economy of forages of animal origin decreases by 20 - 30% .

The greatest losses arise at bringing up of young growth therefore it is economically reasonable to use this product in feeding of pigs of early age. Compound feed for pigs of 10 - 20 kg allows to receive 400 g/days of additional weight without expensive additives. To reach it in other ways is much more expensive.

In diets for pigs important condition is ensuring necessary level of energy in the easily acquired look as efficiency of digestion of carbohydrates at early stage of development is very low. Therefore full - fat soy with the high content of protein and vegetable fat is ideal option for feeding of pigs (growth of young growth increases by 12 - 25% ).

Use of extruded soy in feeding of fishes.

Feeding of fish extruded soy promotes increase of ryboproduktivnost and decrease in costs of forages of gain of mass of fishes. Soy extrudate perfectly replaces fish meal (it is usually used in feeding, but is more expensive component) as combines large amount of protein and set of amino acids which fish during its intensive growth needs.

Full - fat soy extrudate contains high amount of oil that is especially valuable to feeding of cold water species of fish which in turn perfectly digest it.

Besides, extruded granules long time are on water surface, they more waterproof and strong (can keep the properties within 24 hours), at the expense of it to 75% the amount of the dust getting to water when feeding decreases, water pollution decreases.

At preparation of forages for fishes from soy extrudate it is important to remember that it is impossible to exceed fat content in sterns, according to the set parameters for each group of fishes.

Quality indicator Value
Normative document TU 9196 - 001 - 48846019 - 99
Outward dry shredded kroshkoobrazny mass of any form
Smell soy oily, without foreign smell of mustiness and mold
Color from yellow to light brown
M of of crude fat in terms of a. s. v. , no more than a % 16
M of of the general ashes in terms of a. s. v, no more than a % 6
M of of moisture and volatiles, % . 8 - 10
M of of crude protein in terms of a. s. v. , not less than a % 37
M of of crude cellulose in terms of a. s. v. , no more than a % 7
The general power nutritiousness in a. s. v. , k. a. , not less 1, 26
Country of origin Russia
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