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Buy Four-row semitrailer all-frame modular harrow for surface tillage
Four-row semitrailer all-frame modular harrow for surface tillage

Four-row semitrailer all-frame modular harrow for surface tillage

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Russia, Krasnogvardeyskoye
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Products: Four - row semitrailer all - frame modular harrow for surface tillage 4 m - transport frame width buy price from manufacturer in Russia, Krasnodar

 Produced by LLC "DIAS" with a working width from 3 to 6 meters, for tractors with a capacity of 150 hp to 350 hp.


  • The all - frame design is a monolithic disc harrow with a working width of 3 m and 4 m. The modular design provides an increase in the working width of capture to 5 and 6 meters, respectively, by rigid attachment to the main frame of the wings 1 meter wide. All implements are equipped with support rollers (the type of roller is chosen by the client at the stage of ordering), allowing work to a depth of 5 to 16 cm. The distance between the tines in a row is 400 mm, the distance between the rows is 700 mm; 560 mm (manufactured by "Bellota", Spain). Possible complete set with DROP cut - out discs patented by DIAS LLC - add. option. The frame of the frame is made of pipe 150x100x6 mm. The “rack - frame glass” interface is serviceable, which prevents it from coking.
  • They are used in various agro - climatic zones, on all types of soils, including those prone to wind and water erosion. They are especially effective when cutting fallow lands. They are also used for cultivation in the system of minimum tillage, for stubble plowing, leveling of plow fields, in fallow work and for weed control.
Model Number of working bodies Capture width Traction power of the tractor Weight Performance
PM - 3х4 B 32 pcs 3.20 m 150 ÷ 190 l / s 3220 kg 4.32 ha / hour
PM - 4х4 B 40 pcs 4.00 m 215 ÷ 240 l / s 3650 kg 5.4 ha / hour
PM - 5х4 B 48 pcs 4.80 m 260 ÷ 300 l / s 4560 kg 6.48 ha / hour
PM - 6х4 B 56 pc 5.60  m 300 ÷ 330  l / s 5050 7.56  ha / hour

Harrow PM

Fallow lands during the absence in the crop rotation begin to overgrow with unwanted vegetation. The first 2 - 3 years are overgrown with annual and perennial weeds, forming a powerful sod. The most coarse stems of weeds are of the types of sweet clover, various types of mari and quinoa, species of sow thistles, thistles, horse sorrel, etc. In subsequent years, arboreal and shrub vegetation begins to develop. Therefore, on such lands, an inspection and assessment of the state of the vegetation cover is necessary in order to make a technological decision on their return to arable land.

Carrying out cultural and technical work on such lands poses the following tasks:

- bringing the surface of cultivated land into a condition suitable for processing by tillage machines and tools;

- improving the properties of the soil and increasing its fertility through primary processing and fertilization.

Harrow, discator bdm

  • The choice of a method for cultivating these lands and means of mechanization is determined by the state of the vegetation cover, the type of soil, its granulometric composition and other agrophysical properties.
  • If the deposit was not long (up to 4 - 5 years), a sufficient measure is the cultivation of such lands with heavy disc harrows.
  • In this case, disking is carried out with four - row disc harrows. It should be noted that a single processing will not be enough here. In the first pass, BDM discators will be able to cut off weeds and, depending on the type of soil and the degree of weediness, embed the plant mass into the soil and mix it.
  • The further number of disks is determined on the spot, but in any case there will be at least two of them. On heavy soils, with a high degree of turf, the number of disks can be increased to 3. All treatments are carried out at an angle of 35 - 45 ° to the previous one.
  • After disking, subsoilers, heavy cultivators and other implements can be used to loosen the lower layers of the soil and cut root - sap weeds.
  • It must be remembered that there is still a large supply of seeds and vegetative organs of weeds in the soil, which are not completely destroyed in the first year. In spring, on the seedlings of winter crops, moisture is closed by harrowing (a bdm harrow is used), and when weedy crops are above the threshold of economic harmfulness, herbicides are used. Further on the crop rotation of the farm.



  • Hinged all - frame
  • Semitrailer
  • All - frame and modular
  • Semi - trailed sectional
  • Semi - trailer type "Butterfly"

 The company produces:


  • Disc harrow
  • Cultivator
  • Stubble plows
  • Rotary technology
  • Combined technique
  • Sprayer - spreader
  • Other machinery
  • Plows
  • Spare parts for agricultural machinery
  • Lighting poles and metal structures
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Four-row semitrailer all-frame modular harrow for surface tillage
Four-row semitrailer all-frame modular harrow for surface tillage
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