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Food ascorbic acid (E315)

Food ascorbic acid (E315)

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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The minimum scope of supply from 25 kg. At the order of volume from 1tn - 5,1$/kg the Name: ascorbic acid pishchevayadrugy names: vitamin Sformula: S6n8o6gruppa: food additives and vitaminyvid: white crystal veshchestvopostavshchik: LLC Company Plazma ®Упаковка: bag 25 kgproizvoditel: China Ascorbic acid organic compound, related to glucose, is one of the main nutrients in a human diet which is necessary for normal functioning of a connecting and bone tissue. Carries out biological functions of a reducer and coenzyme of some metabolic processes, is considered as antioxidant. Appearance: white crystal substance, flavourless, sour taste. Ascorbic acid well of a rastvorim in water, ethanol and methanol, is not enough rastvorim in acetone and glycerin. Water solutions of ascorbic acid have pH ~ 3; works as the monomain acid and are steady in the absence of oxygen. On air solutions of ascorbic acid are steady at pH 5 - 6, are very unstable at an alkaline rn. askorbinovaya acid is insoluble on air, benzene, chloroform and petroleum air. Melts at 189 - 193 °C with decomposition. It is steady in a firm state. Is a powerful reducer, easily is oxidized many oxidizers. In the nature significant amounts of ascorbic acid contain in fruits of a citrus, and also many vegetables. Chemical formula: C6H8O6B of the industry ascorbic acid is received from D - glucose which is hydrogenated catalystically to D - sorbite, the last microbiological (by means of Acetobacter suboxydans bacteria) oxidize to L - sorbozy. Atsetonirovany of the last receive 2,3,4,6 - di - O - izopropiliden - L - sorbozu whom oxidize in diacetone - 2 - keto - L - gulonovuyu acid. From the last about 50% receive ascorbic acid an exit. Use of ascorbic acid: - treatment and prevention of avitaminosis (scurvy) and gipovitaminoz; - component of medicines; - phosphorus definition by an extraction and photometric method; - antioxidant by production of food fats and fruit juice; - prevention of education in meat and sausages of cancerogenic nitrosamines from the nitrites added to these products for preservation of their natural color; - vitaminization of milk and dairy products; - definition of oxidizers (Fe(III), Hg(II), Br2I) methods of a titrimetriya and P, Mo, Si and Fe(III) by means of the photometric analysis. Also she is used as the donor of H (hydrogen) in biological systems when studying electronic transport and for protection of other easily oxidized substances. LLC Company Plazma ® carries out deliveries of synthetic food additives from a warehouse in Kharkiv in terms and for reasonable prices, on conditions, favorable to you.

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Food ascorbic acid (E315)
Food ascorbic acid (E315)
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