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Fern "Orlyak" salty (bucket) of 10 kg – Zagotovitelno-proizvodstvennyj kompleks krajpotrebsoyuza, OOO |
Buy Fern "Orlyak" salty (bucket) of 10 kg
Fern "Orlyak" salty (bucket) of 10 kg

Fern "Orlyak" salty (bucket) of 10 kg

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  • BrandЗаготовительно-производственный комплекс крайпотребсоюза, ООО
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Масса нетто100г
  • Фасовкабанка стеклянная

Fern Orlyak salty (bucket) of 10 kg

Fern orlyak salty

Fern orlyak (Pteridium aguillinum)


The scientific name of a plant comes from the following words: pteron in Greek means "wing", and aquila - in Latin "eagle". Leaves of this fern also really remind a wing of a huge bird.

The stalk of an orlyak grows underground. Young leaves - vay are formed in May and at first remind a snail, and in process of growth are developed and resemble a hook. The scape of a leaf is called rakhis. Ferns disputes breed.

Interesting facts

Fern - one of the most ancient plants on the earth which remained till today. Scientists consider that the pressed wood of ancient ferns became the main forming coal material.

All know a belief that the one who will find a fern flower on the night of Ivan Kupala will manage to find all treasures and to open all hearts. It is only a legend - the fern never blossoms.


The rhizome of a fern of an orlyak contains starch, alkaloids, saponina, hydrocianic and orlyakovo-tannic acid, essential oils, flavonoids, fat, tannins. Young escapes are vitamin-rich, tocopherol, Riboflavinum, carotene, nicotinic acid.

Proteins of a fern of an orlyak on the properties and structure are close to proteins of grain crops, are easily acquired. The fern is eaten long since by tayezhnik of the Far East, and also residents of Korea and Japan. The use of a fern favorably affects growth processes, helps formation of a skeleton, a metabolism, activity of nervous system, increases working capacity, improves a condition of endocrine system, promotes a conclusion of radionuclides from an organism.


The fern is used in cookery of different people of the world. From young leaves cook salads, "snails" boil, fry, pickle and salt for the winter, use as seasoning for meat. On taste of a rakhisa of a fern of an orlyak remind mushrooms. The fresh fern is not used!

Useful properties

In the medical purposes the fern is applied for a long time. Inside broth of rhizomes and a grass accept at diseases of a spleen and intestines, at an ache of joints, a diarrhea, jaundice, head and chest pain, at dry pleurisy, noise in the head and ears, as laxative, diuretic, soothing and helminthic.

Outwardly broth from rhizomes of a fern is used at wounds, eczema, a scrofula, abscesses. Infusion can be used at ulcers and rheumatism in the form of bathtubs.


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Fern "Orlyak" salty (bucket) of 10 kg
Fern "Orlyak" salty (bucket) of 10 kg
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