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Buy Fal a film for marking of sausage Fal-lenta cheese
Fal a film for marking of sausage Fal-lenta cheese

Fal a film for marking of sausage Fal-lenta cheese

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  • BrandFlagman Flexo Factory
  • Country of manufactureGermany
Fal a film for marking of sausage Fal-lenta cheese

Fal-lenta ― a label for the boiled sausages packed into cellophane

Production of a marking tape - one of the directions of commercial activity

FKF-Group companies. You can order from us a marking tape with drawing the press by a flexographic method in 1 - 4 colors (composition from 4 flowers it is possible to receive the full-color image on your label).

Marking tape - the special label used for marking of boiled sausages in a cellophane cover.

The marking tape is made of two types of material. The choice of material for production of a label depends on specifics of your product and your desire a product to the client.

1) The marking tape on the basis of paper ― is suitable for marking of goods of low quality. This tape is more economic, but information on it is distorted under the influence of product components (fat, spices and dr).

2) The marking tape on the basis of food wrap - is suitable for marking of production which you need to distinguish from all range on a show-window. Food wrap provides resistance to the fats and other components influencing a label.

We make a label on:

1. Bread, bakery products.

2. Vegetables, fruit.

3. Fish and seafood.

4. Preservation (fruit, vegetables, fish, meat).

5. Dried fruits, nuts.

6. Sausage, meat, offal, sardel, sausages, paste.

7. Cheeses, curd cakes, milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt, ferments, curdled milk, oil, margarine.

8. Goods for animals: forage, filler, ware.

9. Disposable tableware and devices, glasses, toothpicks, napkins.

10. Jam, honey, condensed milk.

11. Candies, cookies, fruit jelly, halvah, cake, chocolate, pyrowives, gozinaki.

12. Tea, coffee, aerated / still water, a slaboalkogolka, mineral water, juice, syrups.

13. Alcoholic beverages: wine, vodka, cognac, champagne, liqueur, whisky, absinthe liqueur, tequila, Vermouth, balm, tinctures.

14. Low alcohol drinks: beer, drinks.

15. Sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, adjika, wasabi.

16. Vareniki, pelmeni, etc. semi-finished products.

17. Equipment.

18. Ware.

19. Spare parts.

20. Advertizing production.

21. Sugar, salt, grain, starch.

22. Fishing: baits, baits, tackles.

23. Household chemicals: liquid powder, shampoos, detergents.

24. Industrial chemistry: solvents, varnishes, paints.

25. Car himiya:moyushchy means, nezamerzayka, brake fluid.

26. Medical preparations.

27. Means of hygiene, cosmetics.

28. Control label: on candies, a seal, a garantiyka on household appliances.

29. Invertarizitsionny sticker.

30. Ice cream.

31. Stationery.

32. Nail varnish, liquid for removal of a varnish.

33. Bulbs

34. Peanut paste.

35. Aromatic oils.

36. Food fragrances.

37. Sunflower and olive oil.

38. Sports food.

39. Costume jewelry.

40. Textiles (threads, elastic bands, band).

41. Sewing accessories.

42. Stickers indexes.

43. Labels for cargo transportation, parcels.

44. Self-adhesive labels and labels for clothes.

45. Seeds, seedling, fertilizers.

46. Children's game (for example, alphabet).

47. Bandage tape.

48. Protective tape.

49. Packing for sugar and salt.

50. Kompyyuternya of the technician, refrigerating appliances.
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Fal a film for marking of sausage Fal-lenta cheese
Fal a film for marking of sausage Fal-lenta cheese
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