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Order for Synaa Papaya Soap

شرکت از:ایالات متحده

درست شده:18 مه 2024  09:00


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درخواست از خریدار:

Dear synna Import Department

, My name is Abdullah Mahrous and I reside in iraq

. We are very interested in papaya soap from synna . We are impressed with Synaa's products' positive attributes and reliability , and believe they will be a valuable addition to our product offerings. If possible, papaya soap Is it available to you? We would be grateful if you could provide us with information regarding the import process of these products, including: * Current pricing and estimated shipping costs We are a reputable company with a proven track record . We are confident in our ability to successfully distribute and market Synna products in our region. Thank you for your time and your respect.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


در خواست دیگر پلاس:

رایگان است
20 مه 2024  09:00
|  اوکراین
رایگان است
13 ژوئ 2024  08:00
|  جمهوری آذربایجان
رایگان است
7 ژوئ 2024  12:00
|  اوکراین
رایگان است
6 ژوئ 2024  19:00
|  اوکراین
رایگان است
5 ژوئ 2024  10:00
|  اوکراین
رایگان است
3 ژوئ 2024  22:00
|  قزاقستان
رایگان است
31 مه 2024  11:00
|  قزاقستان
رایگان است
29 مه 2024  10:00
|  اوکراین
رایگان است
28 مه 2024  10:00
|  اوکراین