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Order for Sweet cherry

شرکت از:چین

درست شده:12 مه 2024  09:00


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درخواست از خریدار:

We are Chengdu Fergana Co., Ltd. from China. We are an Internet sales company in China. We would like to know your product price list. If the price is appropriate, our company will place a large order.
Our company is a joint venture established by the Chamber of Commerce designated by the Fergana State Government and Chengdu Shanguang Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in bilateral specialty product trade. We have many sales platforms in China, including Tiktok, Alibaba and JD.
We look forward to your early reply.
Best regards,
Wan Jingzhao
Marketing Manager
Chengdu Fergana

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19 ژوئ 2024  12:00
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28 مه 2024  18:00
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23 ژوئ 2024  17:00
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22 ژوئ 2024  12:00
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22 ژوئ 2024  09:00
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