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Message on X-ray surgical Infinix VF-i/SP system

شرکت از:پاکستان

درست شده:8 فور 2024  17:00

خريدار:Ali Jawad

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درخواست از خریدار:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Name is Ali Jawad From ''Navel Surgical Instruments'' .

Our company is based in the well known industrial city of SIALKOT PAKISTAN. We are manufacturing a wide range of Surgical, dental and Ortho Instruments as well as all types of Scissor, Pet Grooming Scissors, Cutters,Tweezers and Pliers made in High grade Stainless Steel.

We promised you the following points.

A. Quality will be excellent.

B. Shipment of your every order will be as per prior approved details.

C. Prices will be most accurate.

D. Delivery will be within the time.

E. Defective Items, It will be replaced without any extra cost

Are you interested??

We look forward to serving You!

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15 آور 2024  09:00
|  جمهوری آذربایجان
رایگان است
10 آور 2024  08:00
|  قزاقستان
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3 آور 2024  13:00
|  قزاقستان
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31 مار 2024  17:00
|  قزاقستان
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25 مار 2024  13:00
|  ترکیه
رایگان است
17 آور 2024  17:00
|  اوکراین
رایگان است
17 آور 2024  13:00
|  روسیه
رایگان است
17 آور 2024  11:00
|  قزاقستان
رایگان است
17 آور 2024  05:00
|  قزاقستان