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Comanda pe Peleti din lemn de brad si molid 6mm , big bag 1 tona

شرکت از:اوکراین

درست شده:6 ژوئ 2023  11:59


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Commercial offer!
Sulima A.A. sells the highest quality fuel pellets made of fresh sawdust for heating, obtained both from our own sawmills and from verified suppliers. The quality of our pellets is fully compliant with EU standards (A1 or A2). Our pellets are produced in Ukraine from environmentally friendly wood using modern technology. Humidity of pellets is in the range from 5% to 9%, which increases the efficiency of their combustion. Our pellets have high mechanical strength, which ensures maximum integrity of pellets during transportation.
We supply wood pellets in 1000 and 1100 kg big-bags and in 15 kg packages on pallets. The standard for 15 kg packages: 66 packages per pallet. (1 tonne). Diameter 6mm or 8mm at customer's choice.
Our priority and main value are our customers.
Our fuel pellets do not contain impurities and are as safe as possible for your boilers.
pine pellets 6mm diameter
Big Bag 200 euros, 210 euros packing
Pellets from oak, diameter 6mm
big bag 205 filling 215
The price is quoted with advance payment in 2-8 days, at the agreed time of pickup or delivery, within the production and shipment schedule.
Yulia +380955627167
Maria +380963809264

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