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Order for The polypropylene laminated sleeves for grain storage.

شرکت از:سنگاپور

درست شده:4 ژان 2023  07:59

خريدار:Jenny Sun

تلفن تماس:To open contacts for free and respond to the buyer, you need to register the company on Allbiz


درخواست از خریدار:

Hi Friend,

This is Jenny from Longxing Plastic Film Company, we are leading plastic film producer in China with more than 17 years production history. We pay most attention on research and development with 27 R&D staff and 41 patents. We have 3 factories with advanced production facilities imported from Italy and Germany.

Our main products include: Grain Bag, Bale Net, Twine, Bale Wrap Film, Silage Covering Film etc. I visited your website and find that you may use these products. Our products are widely exported to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africe etc. Any interests of our products, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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23 مه 2023  09:59
|  مولدووا
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20 مه 2023  17:59
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18 مه 2023  08:59
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19 مه 2023  07:59
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18 مه 2023  10:59
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17 مه 2023  10:59
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17 مه 2023  10:59
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