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Exercise machine resuscitation (dummy)

Exercise machine resuscitation (dummy)

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  • BrandТренажер реанимационный
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The dummy - the Exercise machine resuscitation is intended for training of pupils at lessons Fundamentals of Health and Safety

to practical skills of rendering the pre-medical help, namely indirect massage of heart

(warm resuscitation), an artificial respiration, cleaning of a stomach at poisoning

(enema), traumatologic programs, intramuscular injections, opportunity

introductions of deltoid subcutaneous injections and additional programs of training on

to care of patients.

Restoration of passability of airways

For restoration of passability of airways on a model there is enough model head zaprokidyvaniye back. One hand at the same time is enclosed under a model neck, another is imposed on a forehead. Position of the head of a model when carrying out artificial ventilation of lungs by the "mouth in a mouth" method.

Mistakes when carrying out IVL at the "mouth in a mouth" method:

  • insufficient zaprokidyvaniye of the head of a model back;
  • bystry and excessive forcing of air.
  • air leak (the nose is not held, there is no tightness of "companies companies");
  • insufficient on the volume (it is less than 1000 ml) and on pressure forcing of air in the victim's lungs;
  • insufficient rhythm (it is less than 10 times in a minute) IVL;
  • premature termination of artificial ventilation of lungs;
  • discrepancy of the relations of 2:30 artificial ventilyation and pressing a thorax.

External massage of heart

The purpose of external massage of heart - artificial maintenance of blood circulation in vitals in the absence of warm activity and, first of all, a brain.

Irreversible injury of a brain can be caused by the termination of blood circulation (cardiac arrest) continuing more than several minutes.

Main condition of performing external massage: the model has to be on a firm rigid surface.

The rescuer giving help settles down sideways from a model. A palm of one hand have on the lower part of a breast, (it is perpendicular in relation to its axis) and two fingers above a xiphoidal shoot. The palm of other hand is imposed on the first at an angle 90 °. Fingers of hands should not touch the surface of a thorax (it significantly reduces danger of fractures of edges of the victim). Both hands have to be straightened in elbows, shoulders giving help as if hang over a model thorax.

Massage is performed by vigorous sharp pressing on a breast (with use of body weight) so that the thorax was displaced vertically down to a backbone on (3-4) cm. It is reached if ongoing effort lies within (14-28) kg. The ratio of ventilation/massage has to be 2:30. Heart is squeezed between a breast and a backbone. At the same time blood is expelled from the left ventricle of heart, in particular, in a brain and coronary vessels. At the same time blood from the right ventricle passes into lungs where it is saturated with oxygen. After pressure upon a breast stops, the thorax extends, and heart is filled with blood again.

Mistakes when performing external massage:

  • the wrong position of hands which leads to a breast fracture (position of hands of a xiphoidal shoot leads to a change of a xiphoidal shoot);
  • the excessive effort (more than 35 kg) at massage of heart leads to multiple fractures of a thorax;
  • insufficient pressing on a thorax (application of effort is less than 10 kg).

Combination of external massage of heart to artificial ventilation of lungs

If resuscitation is carried out by one rescuer, then a ventilation ratio: massage 2:30. Through each 2 bystry forcings of air in lungs make 30 squeezings. At ventilation support the head of a model unbent back and if it is possible, raise model shoulders the subject enclosed under it when squeezing a breast the head of a model remained rejected back. At alternation of ventilation and squeezing of a breast the pause has to be minimum.

If resuscitation is carried out by two rescuer, then a ventilation ratio: massage 2:30. One of rescuers makes ventilation of lungs, another - external massage of heart.

It is recommended to watch the educational movie on rendering the pre-medical help before practical training.

First aid:

  • Bruise - the closed damage of fabrics and bodies without essential violation of their structure. Usually results from blow by a blunt object or when falling. Superficially located fabrics (skin, hypodermic cellulose, muscles and a periosteum) are more often damaged. Especially suffer at strong blow the soft fabrics which are pressed down at the time of a trauma to bones. As a result of a shin bruise in the field of its perednevnutrenny surface where skin and hypodermic cellulose prilezhat to a bone, necrosis of skin and its subsequent rejection is possible. At blows in the bones low-protected by soft fabrics there come not only very painful bruises of a periosteum with its peeling, but also injuries of bones (cracks and changes).
    At first-aid treatment by the victim with bruises if is though the slightest suspicion of more severe injury (a fracture, dislocation, an internal injury, etc.), its volume has to correspond to weight of alleged damage. At violation of an integrity of skin apply a sterile bandage. In cases of peeling of skin, at multiple bruises, bruises of joints, internals carry out a transport immobilization and bring the victim to the nearest medical institution. At malfunction of breath and warm activity urgently on the scene begin an artificial respiration and massage of heart. At the same time cause emergency medical service.
    Reduction of pain at small bruises of soft fabrics is promoted by local application of cold: direct a stream of cold water to the damaged place, put to it a bubble or a hot-water bottle with ice or do cold lotions. It is recommended to apply right after a trauma the pressing bandage to the place of a bruise and to create rest, for example at a hand bruise its rest can be provided by means of a kosynochny bandage. At leg bruises it is given sublime situation, within several days observe the sparing loading mode, and then, in process of reduction of pain and hypostasis, gradually expand it. Rassasyvany of bruise is promoted by the thermal procedures (a hot-water bottle with warm water, heat baths, etc.) warming compresses, the active movements with the increasing amplitude in the joints close to the damaged place which it is possible to start only in several days after a trauma.
  • Stretchings and ruptures of sheaves, sinews, muscles belong to often found damages of the musculoskeletal device. A characteristic sign of a gap or stretching is violation of motive function of a joint which becomes stronger the corresponding sheaf, or muscles if she is damaged or her sinew.


  1. Ventilation of lungs
  2. Warm resuscitation
  3. Possibility of carrying out punctures through specially made tags.
  4. Possibility of introduction of deltoid subcutaneous injections
  5. Installation of an enema
  6. Intramuscular injections
  7. Imposing of tires and bandages with the subsequent fixation on places of bends of hands and legs.
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Exercise machine resuscitation (dummy)
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