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Solicitudes MÁS es un servicio especial para los vendedores de Allbiz que quieran recibir solicitudes de compra de forma constante. Comprador puede colocar solicitud de compra y tardar ménos en buscar un vendedor con el precio conveniente y la cantidad de mercancías necesaria.

Solicitudes en India

20 Abr 2022  15:00


Order for A-PVP

I am interested in product "A-PVP". Please contact me to specify the price, delivery options, terms of payment and other conditions.

20 Abr 2022  12:00

  SUMIT ***

Order for Guru Brand No. 126 Chewing Tobacco

I want in quantity.. Please share on 9506070130

18 Abr 2022  14:00



About andractim i need this item immediately

18 Abr 2022  13:00


17 Abr 2022  06:00

  Ahmad ***

Order for Ephedrine

Hello i am looking for the ephedrine how much for the 1kg,also i want to know if i can collect it from india

17 Abr 2022  05:00

  Ahmad ***

Order for JWH-018

Hello, how are you? I want to ask if I can receive the required quantity from India?

16 Abr 2022  19:00

  S M Raut

Order for Customised Fabricated Crates

I need customized hard plastic creats with lid.

16 Abr 2022  18:00


Заказ на АКСУ ММГ под СХП (сигнально холостой патрон)

Необходим товар "АКСУ ММГ под СХП (сигнально холостой патрон)". Вышлите, пожалуйста, предложение по E-mail или перезвоните на мой номер телефона.

16 Abr 2022  13:00


Order for Grouting Pumps

We are interested in buying cementitious Mortar pump for spray of epoxy mortar .Mortar Pump should handles abrasive materials such as epoxy mortars, non-skid coatings or cementitious materials, and tackles difficult polymers with filler like silica & glass flake sand . Please contact with brochure & quote at

16 Abr 2022  04:00


Order for Gold Pendant

Please send me the price and details of this pendant. My phone number is UK +44 0116 2667052 Mahadeo Kumar

16 Abr 2022  01:00


Order for JWH-018

Want to know the price for jwh018 in $ and how much would a kilo cost me to be sent to sierr leone west Africa

15 Abr 2022  10:00

  Mohit ***

Order for Laminated Green Chalk Board

I am interested in product "Laminated Green Chalk Board". Please contact me to specify the price, delivery options, terms of payment and other conditions.

15 Abr 2022  10:00

  Mohit ***

Order for Combination Board

Required green + white board size 3x2 qty 2833

14 Abr 2022  17:00


Order for Filter Khaini

Bhai 10 packets chahiye .. samples

14 Abr 2022  04:00


Order for Lakos Solution

Need to install lakos , request for site visit

13 Abr 2022  06:00


Order for Ethylone(Big Crystal)

Please do contact me, i would want to buy.

13 Abr 2022  00:00


Order for Crystal Meth

I would like to know how much minimum quantity should me purchased and was the price mentioned for 250gms?. Awaiting ur reply . Tried the no, it says doesn't exist

12 Abr 2022  23:00


Order for Ethylone(Big Crystal)

I would like to know how to purchase and how the delivery option works.

12 Abr 2022  19:00


Order for Filter Khaini

I want sample 8 packs Wiz filter khaini

12 Abr 2022  18:00


Order for Filter Khaini

i want wiz filter tambakhu 8 packs sample

12 Abr 2022  16:00

  kaja n***

Order for Male slippers

dear sir isaw your ad in google, so iwant leather sandal for my perosnal use in single pair. pls send me the reply my email and price details

11 Abr 2022  15:00


Order for RAK Porcelain Crockery

We are interested in product "RAK Porcelain Crockery" with the specifications: Crockery material: Porcelain Please sent a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

10 Abr 2022  17:00


Order for Albino Ball Python

We are interested in product "Albino Ball Python". Please send a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.


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