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Energy supplement "KOVELOS-ENERGY" (winner of the contest "100 BEST GOODS OF RUSSIA") – Nauchno-proizvodstvennoe predpriyatie Ekokremnij, OOO |
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Buy Energy supplement "KOVELOS-ENERGY" (winner of the contest "100 BEST GOODS OF RUSSIA")
Energy supplement "KOVELOS-ENERGY" (winner of the contest "100 BEST GOODS OF RUSSIA")

Energy supplement "KOVELOS-ENERGY" (winner of the contest "100 BEST GOODS OF RUSSIA")

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  • BrandНПП Экокремний, ООО
  • Country of manufactureRussia

To increase the milk productivity of cattle and keep high milk yield, it is first necessary to pay attention to the quality of nutrition, maintaining the health of cows, especially in the transition period - 2 weeks before calving and 4 weeks later. This is especially true for highly productive cattle breeds, because their body is in a more stressed state due to genetic characteristics in the process of dead wood and lactation. Such animals often suffer from a lack of energy, because a large amount of glucose is required for the formation of milk. Because of this, in 50% of cases in the initial period of lactation in highly productive animals metabolism is impaired, which leads to ketosis. Therefore, cattle of highly productive dairy breeds require high - energy rations to ensure normal functional activity of the body.

Having studied the main problems of feeding and keeping highly productive cows, our company produced the KOVELOS - ENERGY energy supplement, which is harmless to the animal organism, which is an improved dry propylene glycol. It is an effective remedy for

  • filling the deficit of metabolic energy in order to increase milk productivity and improve milk quality
  • relieving complications after calving and quick recovery of animals after calving
  • prevention and treatment of ketosis in cattle

Energetics “KOVELOS - ENERGY” does not contain GMOs, antibiotics, fats and hormones . The main components of the additive are highly pure amorphous silicon dioxide and glycoblasts: propylene glycol (1,2 - propanediol), glycerol (glycerol). Glycerin and propylene glycol are easily and completely absorbed in the animal’s body and are synthesized in the liver into glucose - an energy source and one of the main components of milk production. Amorphous silicon dioxide provides smooth absorption of glycoblasts into the blood without loading the liver, and also binds toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, amorphous silicon dioxide acts as a source of bioavailable silicon. If there is a silicon deficiency in the animal’s body, feeding mineral feed additives becomes ineffective, since then calcium, phosphorus and another 70 macro - and micronutrients are almost not absorbed.

The combined actions of the substances included in the supplement increase the milk productivity of the cow by 2 - 4 liters per day (the proportion of protein and fat in milk increases by 0.2 - 0.3 units), increase fertility, reduce the duration of the service period , and reduce the amount of toxins in the body and milk, allow animals to "survive" pregnancy painlessly and give strong and healthy offspring.

An energetic is a white powder with good flowability, mixing ability and eatability. It can be introduced into premixes, mixed with feed, given individually to each animal.

The use of KOVELOS - ENERGY feed energy supplement in diets of dairy cattle increases farm profitability by increasing productivity, reducing the incidence of milking herds (ketosis, acidosis, endometritis, etc. ) and accelerated recovery of animals after calving.

Recommendations for the use of "KOVELOS - ENERGY " :

  • Healthy animals for the prevention of ketosis, recovery of metabolic energy deficiency, quick recovery after calving and increase milk yield - in the amount of 250 - 400 grams per head per day for 2 weeks before calving and for 4 weeks after calving.
  • Dairy cows in the initial period of lactation (in the first 100 days) to increase milk production and increase fertility in the amount of 150 - 250 grams per head per day for 30 days.

Energy supplement "Kovelos - Energy" does not require constant use in feed rations. After eating during the above periods, the cow’s body is properly tuned for increased productivity throughout the entire lactation period (until the next calving).

Storage conditions

The additive is stored in the manufacturer’s packaging in a dry and cool place. Remains biologically effective for at least 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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Energy supplement "KOVELOS-ENERGY" (winner of the contest "100 BEST GOODS OF RUSSIA")
Energy supplement "KOVELOS-ENERGY" (winner of the contest "100 BEST GOODS OF RUSSIA")
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