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Ems Exercise Wireless Suit

Ems Exercise Wireless Suit

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EMS Exercise Wireless Suit


Detail Of EMS Exercise Wireless Suit

Brand Name: bodytech

Equipment weight150g

Equipment size: 96 * 65 * 29 mm

Conditions of use ems exercise wireless suit

- - - Temperature : 0℃ to 40 

- - - Relative humidity : 30% - 75%

- - - Atmospheric pressure from 700 hpa to 1060 hpa


Operation of APP


2. Turn on power Power(Green light on)

3. Enter the account number and password after installation

4. Enter the home page, click EMS

5. Click scan and select bluetooth device

6. Bluetooth connect successfully (two lights on)

7. Enter pattern selection

8. Select the corresponding training part and start training

9. After finishing the training with ems exercise wireless suit , the following steps are required to shut down the device: stop the training

10. Turn off the receiver

11. Log out the app


How to maintain the ems exercise wireless suit?

An antimicrobial layer was added to the surface of the electrode. If necessary, disinfect the electrode. This can be done as follows:

1. Under the highest water temperature 30manual cleaning training suit.

2. Hang the training clothes on the clothes rack, dry in a well - ventilated place.

3. The training suit after cleaning are clean and can be dried. Use again after drying.

Use ISOPROPANOL 70% for disinfection

All components, except the control unit, need to be inspected periodically and replaced if necessary. Only when the equipment is in good condition can BODYTECH be used optimally.


Material damage from incorrect cleaning!


To get better results after using ems exercise wireless suit , consider the following Suggestions:

At the end of the workout, the muscles must recover the fibers to regenerate the tissue, so the body must absorb more nutrients.

- - Reduce or stop using alcohol.

- - Eat more protein, vitamins and minerals to help your body meet your muscle needs.

- - Reduce your sugar intake.

- - By increasing physical activity to help eliminate toxins from the natural and lymphatic drainage such as walking, climbing stairs, etc.

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Ems Exercise Wireless Suit
Ems Exercise Wireless Suit
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Training suit warranty for 3 months, energy box warranty for 1 year
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