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Αιτήσεις PLUS - μια ειδική υπηρεσία για τους πωλητές allbiz, οι οποίοι θέλουν συνεχώς να πάρουν αιτήσεις για τα εμπορεύματα. Ο αγοραστής μπορεί να τοποθετήσει μια αίτηση για την απόκτηση αγαθών και πιο γρήγορα να βρει έναν απαραίτητο πωλητή με κατάλληλη τιμή και απαιτούμενη ποσότητα του προϊόντος.

Enquiry in Ινδία

29  Μά 2022  10:00


29  Μά 2022  08:00

  Rana A***

28  Μά 2022  10:00


28  Μά 2022  08:00


25  Μά 2022  17:00

  A Sara***

Order for Small paper cutting machine (Domestic)

We need manual paper cutting machine to cut papers 100 -200 at a time.kinxly the details of the machine with cost delivery at Visakhapatnam.

25  Μά 2022  13:00


24  Μά 2022  19:00


Order for Core Veneer Wood

Need 200sqft 1mm core veneer for college project, from Vijayawada

24  Μά 2022  17:00


Заказ на Лист стальной оцинкованный ГОСТ 14918-80

GOST STEEL 14918 GALVANIZED WITH ​ Grade of Zinc Coating 275/350 gsm(total of 2 sides) ​1500 X 2500 X 2MM THK-28Tons ​1000 X 1500 X 1MM THK-10Tons

24  Μά 2022  16:00

  Akash ***

24  Μά 2022  11:00


Order for Pneumatic Roll Marking Machine- RP100

We want Manufacturers for Pneumatic roll Stamping Machine.

24  Μά 2022  09:00

  Drona ***

Order for Methylphenidate

Hi, I wanted to know if you also do retail sales to Indian customers. I have a prescription for the same medicine and would like to purchase a certain amount for personal use. Can you tell me the minimum order quantity and the price at which you sell? Can you also let me know if you accept UPI as payment, or transfer from an Indian bank directly? If yes, will you be able to courier the...

24  Μά 2022  09:00

  NANCY ***

Сообщение по Инкубаторы для инкубации икры растительноядных рыб, карпа, буффало и канального сома

Dear We have urgent requirement for Fish Feed and Incubators. Mail id : Whatsapp:- +91 9718915116 NBMS GLOBAL TRADE PVT. LTD. NOIDA SEC- 62 INDIA

24  Μά 2022  07:00


Order for Pnhilr 3

I want to buy this product, please help thanks

24  Μά 2022  03:00


Заказ на Производство в Ташкенте. Трубы напорные из полиэтилена для водоснабжения Ø16-Ø160

Уважаемые господа ! Готовы купить у вас ПЭ труб д-160 SDR17 в количестве 6000пм . Поставка Таджикистан г.Ходжент Ждем вашего комм.предложения.. Удача ...Спасибо С уважением , Рустам Худойбердиев конт.тел 6 +992900071133(телеграмм,ватсапп,вайбер)

22  Μά 2022  16:00

  ARPIT ***


I want this tablet strip. Will you please provide.

22  Μά 2022  09:00


Order for Cow ghee

Subject: Order for Cow ghee *στοιχεία επικοινωνίας* We request your good self to quote the price go Desi Ghee 1 Litre pack For Delhi. Qty-1000 Kg PM

22  Μά 2022  09:00


22  Μά 2022  09:00

  Shad a***


We are interested in product "JOINT BUTTER HERBAL CAPSULE" with the specifications: Brand: Butter Please sent a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

22  Μά 2022  08:00


Order for Herbal Juice-Wheatgrass

We need fresh wheat grass fresh juice daily early morning

22  Μά 2022  04:00


Order for Henna Based Hair Colours (Hbhc 01)

How to buy the henna powder (dark brown)? Price? Email contact preferred.

21  Μά 2022  19:00

  Anil K***

Order for Duck Foot 7 tine farm cultivator

I am interested in buying 7 tyne Cultivator with home delivery at Pin 241302. Please give details.

21  Μά 2022  19:00

  Anil K***

Message on Duck Foot 7 tine farm cultivator

I want to buy 7 tyne cultivator. I am from a village located in District Hardoi, UP. Pin 241302. Please confirm if you arrange home delivery.

21  Μά 2022  12:00


Order for JCB Cabin (P-92)3DX

We are interested in product "JCB Cabin (P-92)3DX" with the specifications: Brand: JCB Please sent a quote via E-mail or call back at my phone number.

21  Μά 2022  09:00


Order for Pressure Die Casting Machines of Zinc

We are looking for manual hand operated die casting machine. We want to mfr. badges, medals etc


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