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Order for Carbamide

Η εταιρεία από:Μαλαισία

Δημιουργήθηκε:24  Οκ 2021  02:00


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Η αίτηση από τον αγοραστή:

1. Product Name:
Urea containing 46 percent or more of nitrogen,

2. Quantity:
One million tons of urea containing 46 percent or more nitrogen, 100,000 tons shipped per month.

3. Packing:
25KG/PP bag, outsourcing ton bag,

4. Shipping.
Bulk cargo is allowed.

5. The port of shipment
The port of shipment is at seller's option.

6. The port of destination
Due to each shipment destination Not the same
, so notify the ship within 5 days before the cargo ship leaves the port.

7. Unit Price: transferable, immediate DLC,
It's $160-200 per ton CIF.

8. Payment Method:
After both parties sign the contract, the buyer shall issue the DLC in MT700 format for the full payment within 7 banking days. The seller shall receive the DLC and ship the goods within 10 days.
Payment shall be made in lump sum within 5 banking days upon arrival of goods at port of destination according to negotiation documents including SGS certificate.

9. Quality standards
Specifications for urea 46% pellet GOST 2081-92
Product urea N46 agricultural grade
Nitrogen 46% minimum
Moisture does not exceed 0.5
Free ammonia 160 PXT PPM maximum
Biuret was the largest at 1.0%
Hazardous substances are 100% free of hazardous substances
The melting point is 132 degrees Celsius
Pelleting 1mm to 4mm minimum 90%
Color standard white or pure white
Odor tasteless
Boiling water breaks down before boiling
Nonradioactive radiation
Physical state Solid@20°C, 101 KPA white particles
The proportion of Solid @ 20 ° C - 1.35 t/ms
Floatability sinks and mixes in water
The molecular weight of 60.065
Fertilizer pellets 94-966-min
The metal ball is 96% the largest
Fisher 0.30%

10. Negotiation documents:
A bill of lading,
SGS Inspection Certificate,
Certificate of shipment at loading port
Certificate of origin
The proforma invoice

11. Penalty Clause:
Except for force majeure reasons, the Seller shall guarantee to deliver 46% urea containing nitrogen in time, quality and quantity to the port of destination. Otherwise, all economic losses arising therefrom shall be double borne by the seller 200%

12. NCND Terms:
Both the buyer and the seller should observe business ethics and international trade rules. Comply with NCND provisions of WTO. In case of breach of contract, the breaching party shall bear legal liability and economic losses.

Liaoning Mine yi Import and Export Trade Co., LTD
Legal representative; PeiYunFeng
Mobile phone; 137-5617,9918
Project Leader
WhatsApp +132-44430485

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