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EG-1/220 electrohot-water bottle

EG-1/220 electrohot-water bottle

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Ukraine, Kharkov
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandТМ Shine
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • Type of burnerUniversal
  • Number of heating modes4
  • Rapid heatingYes
  • Overheat protectionYes
  • Size50х35 cm
  • ThermoregulatorYes
  • ColorРазный, может отличаться от цвета на фото
  • Wattage70 W
  • Vibro-massageNo

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All products are made by us according to the existing state standard specifications and TU standards. On all production is available the corresponding certificates of quality.

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Electrohot-water bottles are absolutely safe in application and serve long time. The electrohot-water bottle is intended for heating of parts of a body (a waist, a back, buttocks, etc.). The electric hot-water bottle is convenient and reliable in use. Along with the fact that heat provides good health and relieves to us pain at minor injuries and damages, it can become the effective therapeutic means applicable in house conditions.

TM SHINE electrohot-water bottles it:

- fast heating;

- high flexibility;

- uniform distribution of heat;

- constant control of temperature;

- automatic switching off and inclusion at achievement of the set temperature;

- high level of safety;

- machine (or manual) washing of a cover.


Tension - ~ 220 Century.

Power consumption no more - 40 W.

Protection class - II.

The size - 50х35 cm.

Color (drawing) - different.

Weight - no more than 0,6 kg.

Warranty period - 1 year.

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Vs_ pitannya vi you zmozht zadat, zvernuvshis to us behind phones: +380930728653, +380961141814, +380956983696

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EG-1/220 electrohot-water bottle
EG-1/220 electrohot-water bottle
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