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Easy Installation Rectangular Industrial Cooling Tower

Easy Installation Rectangular Industrial Cooling Tower

Code: MPCT-100TS
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China, Suzhou
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandMAIPT
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • Class of power consumptionA+
  • Climate classN
  • Type of refrigeratorCompressor
  • Running Weight1730kg ~ 21800kg
  • Net Weight640kg ~ 9000kg
  • Waterproof PumpIP55
  • Fan MaterialAluminium Alloy
  • Filler MaterialFire Retardant PVC
  • Tower Body MaterialHDG/Stainless Steel
  • Air Capacity6400m3/H ~ 384000m3/H
  • Flow Rate10m3/H ~ 300m3/H(Customized)
  • Cooling Capacity58kw ~ 1744kw

Easy Installation Rectangular Industrial Cooling Tower


The MPCT-TD/TS series use a combination of secondary heat exchange coil where air and water flow in the same direction and PVC filler, which enables efficient heat transfer. As the air and spray water flow through the coil in the same direction, the spray water can cover the surface of the coil to the maximum extent to ensure that the surface of the coil is completely wet. Compared to the structure of air and water flowing reversely, the formation of dry spots and scale on the coil wall is greatly reduced.

Both of fans and pumps adopt high quality bearings without other wear parts.The fan adopts a direct connection structure so that there is no rotational loss caused by the pulley structure, and the noise is small and the failure rate is low.





Features   Materials
Space-saving, Light Metal Structure

Cooling Coil SUS304 Tube (DN18mm; Thickness: 0.8 mm), anti-freezing type
Optimized structural design and using steel structure make the floor area reduced greatly, the running weight is also greatly reduced Cooling Fin PVC Vacuum plastic, on-line lamination process
Spraying Pipe Corrosion resistant PVC
Good Corrosion Resistance Sprayer ABS, uniform water distribution, no dead corner, no dry point
Tower body material is FRP with good corrosion resistance, the light stabilizer in resin has good anti-aging properties and won't fade. Spray Pump Cast iron material, Siemens motor, High flow and low pump head
Buffer Tank SUS304 material; Usage: Buffering, Exhausting, Pressure maintaining
Durable and Long Lasting Water Pump One used and the other is backup, controlled by frequency converter
The reinforced fiberglass without corrosion, reducing maintenance costs. All tower supports are made of thick steel and treated with hot dip zinc.
Fan Power
Fan Extruded aluminum alloy (airfoil type); high strength, corrosion resistance
Motor (IP55.F) Special for cooling tower, fully closed, low noise, maintenance-free
Combined type Design Bearing Bearing steel, NSK/SKF
It's free to choose multiple cooling tower combined use as needed. The accessories are portable and easy to transport and install. Dehydrator Original PVC sheet from FORMOSA PLASTICS, water saving.

Front Panel Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheet, high intensity, corrosion resistance
Energy-saving Structural Steels Hot Dip Galvanized material, three-times preservative treatment
Low wind resistance and heat dissipation filler combined with the unique streamlined design of the ventilator, save power consumption greatly. Bottom Frame U-steel after special preservative treatment, long-lasting
Low Noise Standard Parts Hot Dip Galvanized material, corrosion resistance
Large size streamlined designed fan blade, combined with low speed running to make fan especially quiet Sealing Tape Butyl rubber, reliable sealing
Electric Control Cabinet Thickness: 1.5mm; Powder coating, LG contactor

Remark: The materials of the above different parts are subject to customization accoring to unique requirements.



Model Cooling Capacity Overall Dimension Cooling Fan Pump Pipeline Size Weight
Water Flow Thermal Power L W H Blade Power Air Capacity Power In/Outlet Overflow Drain Make up N.W. R.W.
m3/h kw mm mm mm mm kw m3/h kw mm mm mm mm kg kg
MPCT-TD series Closed Type Counter Flow Cooling Tower
MPCT-10TD 10 58 2100 1500 2480 Ф700 0.55 6400 0.55 DN65 DN25 DN25 DN25 640 1730
MPCT-15TD 15 87 2100 1500 2700 Ф750 0.75 9600 0.55 DN65 DN25 DN25 DN25 710 1880
MPCT-20TD 20 116 2100 1500 2950 Ф800 0.75 12800 0.55 DN80 DN25 DN25 DN25 810 1920
MPCT-30TD 30 174 2300 1800 3080 Ф800 1.5 19200 0.75 DN80 DN25 DN25 DN25 920 2320
MPCT-40TD 40 232 2800 1800 3130 Ф1000 1.5 25600 1.1 DN100 DN32 DN32 DN32 1200 2860
MPCT-50TD 50 290 2800 2000 3330 Ф1000 1.5 32000 1.1 DN100 DN32 DN32 DN32 1380 3200
MPCT-65TD 65 378 2950 2300 3350 Ф1200 2.2 41600 1.5 DN100 DN32 DN32 DN32 1620 3980
MPCT-80TD 80 465 3600 2300 3500 Ф1200 3.0 51200 2.2 DN125 DN40 DN40 DN40 2280 5330
MPCT-100TD 100 581 4300 2600 3550 Ф1200 4.0 64000 3 DN125 DN40 DN40 DN40 2800 7150
MPCT-125TD 125 727 4800 2700 3600 Ф1500 5.5 80000 3 DN150 DN40 DN40 DN40 3290 7780
MPCT-150TD 150 872 5300 3200 4340 Ф1500 4.0 64000 5.5 DN150 DN40 DN40 DN40 3880 9800
MPCT-TS series Closed Type Cross Flow Cooling Tower
MPCT-80TS 80 465 2300 4300 3520 Ф2200 5.5 102400 1.1*2 100*2 DN40 DN40 DN40 2340 5780
MPCT-100TS 100 581 2300 4500 3600 Ф2200 5.5 128000 1.1*2 100*2 DN40 DN40 DN40 2400 6300
MPCT-125TS 125 727 2600 5100 3600 Ф2500 7.5 160000 1.5*2 100*2 DN40 DN40 DN40 2780 7400
MPCT-150TS 150 872 2600 5300 3600 Ф2500 11 192000 2.2*2 125*2 DN40 DN40 DN40 3360 8450
MPCT-175TS 175 1017 3100 5800 3700 Ф3000 11 224000 2.2*2 125*2 DN40 DN40 DN40 3620 10400
MPCT-200TS 200 1163 3100 6000 3700 Ф3000 15 256000 3*2 125*2 DN40 DN40 DN40 3930 11200
MPCT-225TS 225 1308 3300 6500 3700 Ф3200 15 288000 3*2 150*2 DN40 DN40 DN40 4340 12900
MPCT-250TS 250 1453 3300 7100 4700 Ф3200 18.5 320000 3*2 150*2 DN50 DN50 DN50 6500 14500
MPCT-300TS 300 1744 3600 7800 5400 Ф3500 22 384000 4*2 150*2 DN50 DN50 DN50 9000 21800

Remark: 1. Design Conditions: Hot Water(inlet water) Temp.: T1=37ºC; Cold Water(outlet water) Temp.: T2=32ºC
                   Dry Bulb Temp.: TDB=31.8ºC; Wet Bulb Temp.: TWB=31.8ºC; Atmospheric Pressure: P=9.94x104Pa
               2. Above specifications are for cooling tower with single fan, each model can be used alone or combined as needed.
               3. The delivery lift of cooling tower is approximately equal to its height(H).



>>  You want experience…
Experienced R&D team bring more than 10 years of process cooling & heating experience with knowledgeable application, product and service specialists available to discuss your needs. 
>>  You want someone who understands your process... 
Provided with experience in a wide range of process cooling & heating industries. When you give us the chance, we will show the rich experience and get you the correct solution to your problems.
>>  You want a product that fits your unique needs... 
Offer a wide range of standard units, what's more, our application specialists can suggest the customized units to meet unique needs.
>>  You want specialized control...
Build our own system controls from tailor made embedded micro-processor base products to PLC options. System control makes the difference in your process repeatability, efficiency and reliability.
>>  You want professional design manufacturer…
MAIPT specialize in industrial fluid process temperature control fields, and provide the complete systems solutions.
>>  You want energy efficient solutions...
Our specialists are aware of the rising cost of energy and the pressure to reduce energy consumption and we offer many energy saving products that favor lifetime costs.
>>  Our Service:
OEM & ODM, or any other unique customized demands are acceptable.
Any price inquiries or technical inquiries will be responded within 24 hours.
Experienced technical engineers will give the model selection guide or help design the customized model.
Detailed quotation scheme and system configuration will be provided to the customer together.
The whole order process is tracked throughout, 
order production performance test packaging transportation customs declaration shipment
customer will receive the notification mail (include photos, report or other documents) in each process.
Besides the temperature control units, other install parts or auxiliary equipments is optional according to customers' requirements.
All necessary installation documentation (e.g. Electrical diagram, User Manual) will be provided in both electronic copy and hard copy.
Perfect after-sales service system, it's including:
Technical guidance, detailed machine maintenance methods, troubleshooting solutions, regular return visit etc.
>>  Our Warranty 
All the products are passed strict test, and MAIPT provide 15 months guarantee since the date of bill of lading. During this guarantee period, MAIPT provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If out of guarantee period, we still can charge the buyer cost price of spare parts and provide Technical Product support for customers.



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Easy Installation Rectangular Industrial Cooling Tower
Easy Installation Rectangular Industrial Cooling Tower
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