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Buy Drying installation for drying spirit bards, a beer pellet.
Drying installation for drying spirit bards, a beer pellet.

Drying installation for drying spirit bards, a beer pellet.

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Vortex drying installation the combined BIO


Drying for a beer pellet / dryer spirit bards / a drying complex /


In the course of preparation spirit bards and a beer pellet to various technological processes (a granulation, packing, warehousing), it is necessary to carry out drying (dehydration) to the necessary level of humidity: 6% - 12%. Drying of raw materials in drum, tape, layered and rotational dryers, at high consumption of energy on drying, does not provide the required productivity and quality of a ready-made product. As spirit the bard, a beer pellet, are polydisperse material (non-uniform on structure), at their drying in the specified devices, the komkovaniye, heterogeneity of drying, sticking of particles to dryer walls, a carbonization of small particles of a product is observed.

Besides, in the course of raw materials drying, it is necessary to exclude hit of products of burning in raw materials and to ensure safety of the main biologically active agents (BAA): pectin, a protein, amino acids, without subjecting a product to long influence of high temperatures. The analysis of the revealed features, showed expediency of use of such type of drying at which each particle of raw materials, in the conditions of the active hydrodynamic mode, gave necessary amount of the moisture which is contained in it without formation of large connections of particles.

The VSU-K.BIO vortex drying installation, convective type, continuous action,  allows to make drying of the crushed raw materials to necessary parameters of humidity (10%, regulated), at initial humidity of material to 65%, providing productivity to 1000 kg/h of the dried-up product.                                                                                                                          The vortex drying camera in which there are active hydrodynamic and mass-exchanged processes between raw materials and the drying agent is an installation design basis. The damp crushed raw materials from the bunker a shnekovy feeder,  move in a zone of preliminary drying of an accelerating pipe of AFU where from the heatgenerator the drying agent goes. A drying agent is air mix with the thermal agent developed by the camera of burning of pyrolysis type and cleared of the cindery rest in the cyclonic block. Further raw materials, in a flow of the high-speed drying agent (25-30m/c), through pneumotransport system, comes to the vortex drying camera where begins rotary motion. High district speed of the movement of raw materials and the drying agent, friction of parts of raw materials among themselves and about walls of the drying camera, create conditions to activization of the thermal and hydrodynamic modes and provide uniform drying of raw materials. On a separate pneumowire, in a zone of the vortex camera the fresh drying agent moves that he promotes a raw materials drying process intensification, reduction of time of its stay in the drying camera (to 10s) and increase in productivity. In process of drying, the dried-up raw materials are thrown out vertically directed stream the cyclone divider block. In a cyclone divider, the heat carrier saturated with vapors is released into the atmosphere through aspiration, and the dried-up raw materials through a lock lock are given for giving for the site of a granulation (packing, warehousing).    

         Productivity of the line depends on initial parameters of raw materials (moisture, fraction) and can be regulated by change of frequency of giving of a feeder and temperature of the drying agent.

        The principle of work of our drying installation and the applied innovative solutions in its design, allow to carry out uniform, high-speed drying of biomass at low temperatures: 100 - 300 Cº that allows to keep biologically active agents (a protein, pectin, amino acids) and to increase quality of finished goods.


Basic complete set of the line of drying of VSU-K.BIO:

  1. The solid propellant heatgenerator of 1 MW – 1 piece;
  2. The fuel supply bunker – 1 piece;
  3. The block of the drying agent – the spark arrester – 1 piece;
  4. Cleaner of the drying agent – 1 piece;
  5. Pipes accelerating (set);
  6. Lock lock – 1 piece;
  7. Piece VRP 5/VRP 4 - 1/1 fan;
  8. Vortex drying camera (set);
  9. Adapters (set);
  10. Cyclone divider right – 1 piece;
  11. Cyclone divider left – 1 piece;
  12. Case of control and management – 1 piece.


 Technical characteristics:

- Productivity of a drying complex on dry raw materials to 1000 kg/h;

- Humidity of entrance raw materials - to 65%;

- Rated capacity of a drying complex - 25 kWh;

- Fuel consumption (fuel spill, a granule, pellet) – 150-200 kg/h;

- The occupied space - to 60 sq.m

 For each of knots and VSU-K.BIO units all necessary technical documentation is attached: maintenance instruction, scheme of an arrangement of the equipment.

If necessary the VSU-K.BIO drying complex can be understaffed with other processing equipment:

- The line of a granulation sawdust on the basis of the granulator OGM - 1.5;

- Knot of the mechanized supply of raw materials with a mobile bottom;

- Conveyors are scraper, tape, shnekovy;

- The crusher is molotkovy, knot of crushing of tyukovanny straw (straw cutter);

- Bunker stores (silo).


LLC Energobioresurs provides also additional services:

- technical audit of an object or equipment;

- a preliminary portrayal an equipment arrangement – a 3D model;

- installation and commissioning;

- technical maintenance.





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Drying installation for drying spirit bards, a beer pellet.
Drying installation for drying spirit bards, a beer pellet.
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