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Double-row disc harrow, semi-trailed, type "Butterfly" mounted for surface tillage – Dias Agro, OOO |
Buy Double-row disc harrow, semi-trailed, type "Butterfly" mounted for surface tillage
Double-row disc harrow, semi-trailed, type "Butterfly" mounted for surface tillage

Double-row disc harrow, semi-trailed, type "Butterfly" mounted for surface tillage

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Russia, Krasnogvardeyskoye
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  • Country of manufactureRussia

Products: Disc harrow mounted semi - trailer type "Butterfly" double - row 2.5 m - transport width of the frame, buy from the manufacturer in Russia, Krasnodar

The disc harrow is designed for shallow soil cultivation to a depth of 15 cm, weed control, chopping and incorporation of crop residues, rejuvenation of meadows and pastures.


The harrow is designed to work on all soils with soil moisture no more than 40% , a slope of the field surface no more than 100, soil hardness in the treated layer no more than 3.5 MPa.


Model Number of working bodies Capture width Traction power of the tractor Weight Performance
PM - 4x2 N 30 pcs 3.98 m 120 ÷ 160 l / s 3833 kg 5.21 ha / hour
PM - 5x2 N 38 pcs 4.90 m 150 ÷ 190 l / s 3950 kg 6.62 ha / hour
PM - 6x2 N 46 pcs 5.94 m 180 ÷ 230 l / s 4390 kg 8.02 ha / hour
  • Produced by DIAS LLC for tractors with power from 120 to 250 hp. with working widths of 4, 5 and 6 meters.
  • All basic characteristics are the same as for sectional harrows, but with one difference: the transport width is 2.5 meters, which allows transporting this type of implements over long distances on public roads without additional escort.
  • The distance between the posts in a row is 260 mm, the distance between the rows is 1000 mm. The frame of the frame is made of pipe 150x100x6 mm. The “rack - frame glass” interface is serviceable, which prevents it from coking. Equipped with DROP cut - out discs Æ 560 mm patented by DIAS LLC.
  • They are used on cultivated fields in all agroclimatic zones, on all types of soils (except for stony soils), including those prone to wind and water erosion. They are especially effective for pre - sowing cultivation in a system of minimum tillage, as well as for stubble plowing, leveling plowing and weed control.
  • The water balance of the soil consists of two items - incoming and outgoing. The first item - incoming - is precipitation. The amount of atmospheric precipitation for the needs of agriculture is not possible to increase or predict with a high degree of probability. Therefore, according to this article, one has to be content with the climatic conditions of the zone. The second item, the expenditure one, consists of many items: water consumption by plants growing in the field and moisture evaporation. As a result, it is necessary to consider the amount of moisture accumulated in the soil from the total amount of precipitation and the amount of moisture consumed by plants and used to form the crop. The moisture accumulated in the soil can be brought closer to the amount of moisture in precipitation by increasing the moisture storage capacity of the soil by improving the structure and physical properties of the soil, the amount of moisture consumed by plants and the open soil surface should be reduced by reducing the unproductive moisture consumption through evaporation. The accumulation of soil moisture reserves due to atmospheric precipitation and its rational use are related to each other. Creating an optimal soil structure, protecting moisture from evaporation, increasing the content of organic matter in the soil, creating varieties and hybrids of plants with a developed root system, optimal crop rotations, rational soil cultivation - all this is a single system for optimizing the movement of moisture in the soil.
  • It is necessary to start taking care of the soil moisture of the future harvest even when planning the harvesting of the predecessor. Soil erosion and deflation are known to be the main sources of destruction of the soil cover. In order to reduce soil erosion and deflation in erosion - hazardous zones during the harvesting period of the previous crop, it is necessary to provide for covering the soil surface with crop residues for any subsequent tillage technology, and creating an optimal soil structure. Covering the soil with crop residues excludes the beating of small dust - like particles from the surface fractions of the soil, which then form a soil crust and prevent the penetration of moisture from precipitation into the soil, water accumulates on the soil surface, which, flowing down even a slight slope, carries the soil, and lowlands are swamped. To achieve the greatest effect, crop residues should be spread evenly over the field surface. Such distribution of crop residues in the future also removes a number of problems during tillage or sowing. The degree of coverage of the field surface with crop residues affects the amount of moisture loss through evaporation and soil loss.
  • Preserving chopped crop residues when harvesting a predecessor is important not only to retain moisture, but also to control weeds and fall from the predecessor. To do this, immediately after harvesting the predecessor, it is necessary to peel the soil to a depth of 3 - 5 cm and, if possible, without mixing with crop residues, and roll it in to ensure better contact of weed seeds and volunteers with moist soil.
  • The performance of the unit should be as high as possible.
  • When processing according to this technology, seedlings of weed seeds and grains of wheat appear together, which can be easily destroyed by mechanical or chemical soil treatment.
  • Soil compaction affects not only the accumulation of moisture in it, but also the development of the root system, the structure of the soil and, ultimately, the yield. Disc cultivators are used to prevent and reduce soil compaction.
  • The modern disc cultivator "CHOPPER" (mulcher) of LLC "DIAS" is produced in a two - row design, which allows developing high speeds of the operation, and contributes to an increase in soil crumbling.
  • This tool processes the soil and rolls it in with rollers, which contributes to the early emergence of weeds, followed by their destruction.


  • Hinged all - frame
  • Semitrailer
  • All - frame and modular
  • Semi - trailed sectional
  • Semi - trailer type "Butterfly"


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  • Disc harrow
  • Cultivator
  • Stubble plows
  • Rotary technology
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  • Sprayer - spreader
  • Other machinery
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Double-row disc harrow, semi-trailed, type "Butterfly" mounted for surface tillage
Double-row disc harrow, semi-trailed, type "Butterfly" mounted for surface tillage
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